Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Girlfriend Issue

It had already been a few years in college , and i was looking to get a new look for myself!!
i thought of flirting with a stubbled look, and i managed to grow a beard during the winter holidays.
Job done, i waited for the college to reopen , and tought i would give my girlfriend one almighty surprise!!

however, when we met up outside the college , i found her staring at me , in utter distatste. Then she walked off in a haste , without caring to exchange pleasantries ! i ran after her , caught up , but she wouldn't speak.

After nearly an hour, when the first period was over, i again tried to ask her the reason for her getting cross!!
She looked at me straight in the eyes, and declared "I hate that Unclean Stubble! Don’t know what you were really upto during the holidays, but i think you are a filthy dustbowl at the moment! Might be possible, that you haven’t even bathed all this while".

Crestfallen, i had to put up with her haughtiness for the rest of the day ! There was no more enthusiasm left in me to bring any more variations into my stubbled look. The next morning, i was back , once more outside the college gate, clean shaved like before!!

"Hi, hero!!",rang out her sweet voice! She was standing behind me ....with that familiar smiling face, once again!!

“Shall we bunk college today , and go off on a date??” she was chuckling........

This is my third post as a part of the Protest Against Unclean Stubble Activity (P.A.U.S.) in association with BlogAdda.

This post is a response to Sammya's tag on his blog entry "The Perfect Focus".....

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