Wednesday, 18 July 2012

rock on: our story at MAHERA

ROCK ON : the film most appropriate to describe the saga of the four of us - our friendship dates back to the time when we were in the formative years of our life . that strong bond of growing together has seen us through to this age. We stayed in the same neighbourhood,  shared interests , hobbies, played indoor & outdoor games together. music remained an integral part of our friendship ,as we grew up . we even performed on stage shows. Priyabrata Banerjee on the guitar, Pratik Sarkar on the keyboards , Srinjoy Das on the drums made an awesome combo, with me rounding it off in vocals. we sang, we enjoyed, we cheered each other, we fought , we made up! 

we had crushes , we went on dates, we had heartbreaks & we shared our losses over alcoholic influence,as we consoled each other ! we made caricatures, cracked jokes , invented up mad-cap dialogues & comments, imitated people.....but that one thing that kept us sailing through thick & thin , was our sense of warmth when we stayed in each other's company!

    time constraints & job obligations have eaten into those precious moments we looked forward to spending together every evening ; nowadays, I feel the tug at my  heartstrings , when those happy hours are reminded, but we try to make up for the loss of good times by getting together on the phone, despite being scattered across india. it's an indescribable feeling , when the familiar voice rings out on the other end of the phone, with our customary slang-laden greetings being transferred pan-india! 

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY folks. Your indelible signatures adorn my memories. thanks guys , for being there and shaping my life ! we ROCK!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

my to-do note as FINANCE MINISTER ( scribbled for UNION BUDGET)

I'll earmark a bulk of the budget to clear the pan stains off our major government buildings and erase love graffiti from the heritage buildings .

i'll Entitle people to receive Re 1
mobile phone balance for every advertisement SMS(regarding good hair/good skin/fly to america etc
etc) that enters our inbox.

i'll reduce the price of paanipuris so that college students like us
manage to have a wholesome evening snack
without burning a hole
in the pocket.

i'll reduce prices of cricket-tennis balls
whose prices  are increasing like the  table of 5(eg
30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and now Rs 55)  every year, and making 6-hitting a very costly affair for the batsman,as  every time a ball is lost , the poor bloke has to pay from his pocket.

i'll assign  money to install CCTVs at traffic police kiosks to check how many bucks are passed into each traffic sergeant's pockets everyday from drivers.

 I’ll assign money to build "couples only" parks , so that couples are spared prying eyes!!

i'll increase price of cigarettes and alcohol so that people are forced to stop
subjecting their fellow people to passive smoking .