Sunday, 15 December 2013

When She Called....

I could sense nervous energy building up within me!
As i was instructing the junior campers about the position of the Andromeda galaxy, and how to point the telescope towards it correctly, my mind had been already sent into a tizzy!!
It was dark at the Astronomy camp-site , but the incredible star-lit sky had enough light to help me keep a tab on her movements in and around me!!
 She was one of the new campers, seeing whom for the first time at the railway station,at the onset of our journey , had sent a few flutters in my stomach! But i was too reclusive to go up to her, although the heart longed for it!
  Interaction hadn't been possible all this time, but my peripheral vision had given me enough to convince me that it was imminent! I had found her struggling with her thick winter garments, the red torch light and the immense volume of  star-chart xerox sheets in the semi darkness! Even though I was helping some of the others around with my knowledge, i caught her looking at me! I too was a camper, but i had much greater practical knowledge of how to use the telescope & i thought the time had come at last , when she would ask me for some help!I fancied my chances at impressing her in the very first chance!!

  "Sir, can you please show me how to locate Orion on this chart??",the sweet voice finally rang aloud just behind me!

I was excited moment of glory,finally...
I swivelled back hastily,"yes, sure..why....uhh.........??"

In my excitement,i had completely missed noticing the 'Sir' title , to her adressee!!

The aged gentleman was peering down already through his thick glasses , on the sheet, while she looked on intently!!
She was holding the star chart across for the senior instructor , who had just arrived behind me!!


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

this time , the prompt was , the post must contain the line : ‘I caught him/her looking at me.’

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