Sunday, 15 December 2013

Medi-'sin' or Medi-'shave' ??

"There's no reason for me to believe you belong to this ward!"
I was the subject of this predicament, on the first day of my Medicine ward posting! The admonisher was Dr. Sen, a young lady doctor of my medical college, who was especially pleasing to the eyes, & was the subject of many of our final year medical students' fantasies ! She wasn't much older to us in age, but by virtue of her degrees, was senior to us in hierarchy! 

"I hate that smelly stubble. I'm sorry, but you look less of a doctor,& more of a hooligan. Now, if you would please go out ....! "
I was shooed away ignominiously , in front of the patients & my other batch mates!

I didn't waste anymore time!

Winning over her heart was a priority , because, she was the female boss dreams are made of! I rushed back to the hostel, shaved off the stubble real fast & within twelve minutes, I was at the door of the ward again! 
" may I enter....err....Mam!"
"You , agai.......", and she stopped short , glancing at my face,"ummm....oh yes, please join!" 

The change in attitude was palpable! 

As our eyes met, the strictness was missing! Rather, the twinkle in them gave away an air that I might have a chance at some 'preferential' treatment!

My clean shaven look had bowled her over!
I joined in......

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  1. Thanks for responding to my Tag with this cool Post, Titas!
    Post that's sure to bowl everyone over :)
    My hi to Dr. Sen! Proves that Docs also lose their hearts & give preferential treatment :)
    Nice sketch. Best wishes for the contest. Cheers!

    Saw that you have re-tagged me. I'll be responding to your 1st tag next. But, not possible for this tag as my limit (max 10) is exhausted :)

    1. ok Anita!! :) will remove the tag! :)

    2. Hey Titas!
      I love Tags! Makes me feel much in demand :) Being tagged is a responsibility. People feel we are worthy of their consideration & that we are trustworthy to fulfill tags! Also we have creativity :)
      Thanks for the honor!
      Here is my response to your tag as promised! Sorry, it's belated as I cleared the previous ones as per FIFO :)
      Do register it in the BlogAdda site ASAP!
      All the Best! :)