Friday, 27 December 2013

5 Gifts to Secure My Kid's future

    For the records, i'm still some way off from having kids, as i've just kickstarted my career....

But there's nothing wrong in planning some  gifts for my kid , as and when he/she comes into existence! Here's what the dormant Dad in me has thought about the Five best gifts that i can gift my kid : 

A Lie-Detector enabled Google Glass

Technology needs to be embraced big time, but at the same time, it should be foolproof. A Google Glass for my future child would seem to be an exotic gift from a Dad, but I want it to be having an embedded lie-detector , that will help him/her stay out of shady characters' grasps. My child shouldn't grow up suspecting any and everybody around him, with a perpetual frown lacing his eyebrows. I want him/her to be gracious to people around him/her .But this politeness shouldn't be exploited by mischief makers , and that's the reason I want to gift him this specially customised Google Glass .

An Invisibility Cloak

These are hard times, as with success comes the liabilities that are hard to shake off. Many of the high ranking officials today are a victim of the corrupt system , despite not being bad individuals themselves. But since by complying to the dubious practices that are prevalent , they run a lesser risk of rubbing some influential person the wrong way, they are forced to become yet another pawn in the game.

I want my child to become a protestor again wrongdoings, no matter what, but I also want him to be safe from evil eyes . I want him to fight against malpractices, but from under the Invisibilty Cloak , so that he can serve the nation like a real-life Mr India.

A green playground

When I was growing up, I always thought about smashing windows by six-hitting, or celebrating vigorously on scoring a goal on the field. Little did I know then that green patches in the city would be obscured by highrises......and  children would smash opponents only on the computer screen or celebrate after killing 50 opposition men on the virtual battlefield.

I am afraid, I am a believer in the old school of 'SPORTS' lovers , than Computer game addicts, and so I would like my child to sweat it out on the playground to find out the real joy of sports. But the rate at which our fields are disappearing makes me wonder whether he'd get an opportunity to ever play on a green field in a busy metro city. I wish to gift him a green playing field, which will only be frequented by sports lovers, and immune to encroachment from potential promoters.

A Sizeable Bank Balance

Come to think of it ...... From education to vacation, food to clothes: money is damn necessary in every sphere of life these days. And as a parent, I would look to gift my child with simply the best that I can afford, and also hope that there's a guiding force who will egg on my child when I'm not there to help him around. I think I can entrust HDFC Life with the responsibility to show my child the best way to utilise whatever savings that I make in my life as an honest Doctor .

A "backward-class" Certificate 

Divulging this pains me beyond comprehension, but as a Dad who wouldn't want to see his kid suffer the ignominy of repeated failures in competitive examinations, just because he/she didn't happen to be 'privileged' , leads me to hope that i can gift my kid with a Reserved Category Certificate. I myself have been a victim of this utterly disgraceful practice in Entrance Examinations, where i have failed to get into a suitable college at first chance despite securing a good enough rank, while many of my schoolmates have sailed through , by being backward. I have fought on to become a Doctor , but a few of my other worthy friends couldn't become so. With my head hung in shame, i have to say that this is one place, where i have voluntarily cast my sight downwards, as i wouldn't want my kid to fail . With the percentage of reserved category seats going up every year, it's imperative that i turn 'backward' so that my kid can have an easy path to success.
( P.S. :  writing about this last gift almost brought me to tears, because as a proud Indian, i shouldn't have stooped low. But that's the way of life for us it seems in this great country , that is pegged back by narrow-minded bureaucrats , playing the vote-bank politics to good effect)

Written as part of the 1001 Gifts Activity by HDFC Life  in association with Blogadda.


  1. Titas, The 1st 4 Gifts r really nice! Wish I had those gifts so that I cud gift my kid...