Thursday, 5 December 2013

All 'bout Cranberry : a 'Breezy' journey from Infatuation to Love!!

at one of our Medicos parties
   Sometimes, casual flings do cause serious changes in a person’s mindset!! My affair with Cranberry Breezer started off in the most bizarre of circumstances, in the midst of one of the busiest roads of Kolkata, and developed into a long-lasting affair! Did my tongue not want to distance itself from the entwining effervescence of Cranberry breezer, once it got embroiled emotionally?? Did my friends too develop this habit, but from entirely different scenarios?? We’ll fret about them, but first , let me tell you the tales!! Ahoy, here we go!!

   Three of us school friends had met after a long time . One of us had made drinking his favourite pastime,one had never even taken one sip of an alcohol , while I was the proverbial middle-class amongst drinkers, having a drink or two a year! So, when Debayan declared that we should end our day with a few pegs, Saptarshi was on the verge of fleeing the discussions straightaway, but I managed to hold him back! We decided to settle on Cranberry Breezer, as the optimum solution for our diverse mindedness, and it was Debayan , who did the formalities of queuing up at the alcohol outlet, and buying the bottle , while Sap looked for places to hide himself . Anything related to alcohol was akin to sacrilege for him! Now , the buying did not mean the end of our problems.....where to drink it , because we were on the road in busy Kasba , South Kolkata, with every possibility of being picked up by the police vans for drinking liquor on the road!!! And bigger still, how to open the bottle ?? Now, we three were hardcore professionals, and we had no intentions of getting our front teeth knocked off, in trying to bite off a beverage cap, in an apparent attempt at displaying bravado. So we searched for possibilities . No shop would allow us to use their bottle openers , seeing a liquor bottle. It was then that I had a brain wave seeing a parked bicycle . I hinged the breezer bottle on the gaps in its carrier, and wrenched open the cap! Putting the bottle to my lips, i was energetized instantly, as if a magic potion was slowly making its way down from my tongue ,and into my alimentary system, cajoling the soft tissues inside! After such a morale-boosting victory, the Cranberry tasted even more heavenly! I was rather circumspect about Saptarshi, but even he was forced to change his opinion , as he enjoyed every sip of his !! 
Thus started my infatuation for Cranberry flavoured breezer!!

Jump cut to the Durga puja time,in Kolkata:
     Ashtami evening, the period when revelries reach an all-time high, isn't exactly the time, when you try to convince people regarding maintaining their sanities , so it didn't come as a surprise, that , en route to the famed Maddox square, my locality pals made it a point to stop the cab in front of a liquor shop in the neighborhood ! I could sense that this was probably the last straw,and to prevent any mishaps, i begged them to let go of alcohol for the night! But they wouldn’t have any of it,so what transpired was a melee, and at one point , the taxi driver even threatened to throw us out of the car! But as a last-ditch attempt to salvage myself, i threw in a suggestion , that if they invariably HAD to indulge, then they could go for Breezers !! They seemed to contemplate my point , and at last settled on the Cranberry flavour! I realised , that it was respect that they had for the mere taste of Cranberry flavoured Breezer, that compelled them to abstain from harder drinks that night! It was probably the only drink other than other high-content alcohol-laden beverages , that I could have managed to bargain down to , otherwise, the situation could've been pretty out of control, with everyone getting tipsy! 

She was apprehensive with the first sips,
which vanished thereafter
The third instance I can recall , was after graduating as a medical student ,when we attended our first conference as junior doctors . My girlfriend , a teetotaller , was averse to drinking, but after talking her into getting one Cranberry Breezer for herself, she took a sip, and I could see it in her face , that she enjoyed this dual feeling of indulging herself in alcohol, yet not ruining her senses at all!! It appeared to me that the cranberry breezer came to her as Guilt-free pass to celebrate her medical graduation with aplomb!

The main reason for me narrating these instances is just to highlight the importance that a flavour has , in choosing its patrons!! People with varied backgrounds , and with a myriad of taste preferences unanimously embraced this Cranberry breezer, simply because of the ecstasy associated with every sip of it! I personally would advocate , what i like .......after a long day at work , when the senses are getting numbed, pamper yourself with one bottle!! That bittersweet aftertaste, that lingers in the mouth , as the real thing goes down , is something that anybody can appreciate! The first sip is enough to let you know , that this beverage has been designed , with a lot of love , and care, to caress every taste bud of yours!! It is not as if you get to judge the Cranberry Breezer, it's rather the other way round, ie, the Breezer itself assesses your mindset, and allures your satiety centres into a sense of fondness, giving rise to that ephemeral feeling of being loved!! It's short, sweet....and undoubtedly a sexy lap dance on your tongue!!!

So why wait?? Latch onto a bottle, and savour every last drop of it.....and mind it, it’s NOT to be passed around! You’ll not be getting any remnants, when the bottle returns to you!! 

written as part of the Catch The Flavour contest, organised by Bacardi Breezer , in association with Indiblogger . you can find out all about them here!

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