Friday, 20 September 2013

Why I Love Blogging

    "Write it,you lazy bum, today's the last day! If I don't post it today,it'll never reach the press ! " 
That was Mom, in my schooldays, always poking me to submit an article on a topic mentioned. There were no emails in vogue in those days, so Postal service was our trusted partner, and Mom would urge me to finish my article in time, so that she could have the pleasure of seeing her 'intelligent' son's composition in print, that earned her some bragging rights , on a city-wide scale! I'd be rude if I don't mention , that, being published on the  weekly children's supplement of the leading daily , added a few inches to MY chest girth as well! The illustrations & the name printed in bold letters at the end were the Crown Jewels , which were the main reason, a personal diary , or a well written essay in school never managed to attain the same 'glamour' !
   Circa 2012, and am blessed to have my own 'world' by virtue of my blog! Come what may,even a cyber apocalypse can't take away the fact that I am the sovereign of the minuscule territory I own on the web! I post my views, depict my clicked photos, and have the pleasure of thinking of my blog to be at-par with the highly acclaimed glossy websites! No matter how disorganised my posts look, how shoddy the fonts are, at the end of the day, MY solitary authority exists over it, and I'm the monarch who can decide how to treat my subjects : the blogposts! I'm like a doting dad, who cajoles his blog , despite its many flaws, thinking of it as a shining example of linguistic perfection and dreams of becoming a renowned name on the world-wide-web! This is perhaps the closest that I can get to getting my own published book, as we all harbour intentions of nurturing that camouflaged Arthur Conan Doyle or Charles Dickens within our conscience! Blogging gives me the liberty to give wings to my imagination, and to portray them in a written form , to the universe! There is no pressure of deadlines, no fear of rejection from the publisher , no external influence to modulate my emotions: it's only a singular stream of thoughts , that cavorts on words, guided by my mindset, and loves to be pampered with a little bit of affection! 
Happy blogging to all my peers!

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  1. This sounds so much like my Mom! Ah! The pride & ecstasy to see our name in print! Really wonderful! Glad that Blogging gives us a HUGE scope! I share all your feelings towards Blogging! :)
    Happy Blogging to you!

    1. thanks Anita! yes, heard your story, and read that in your blogpost to uncle Pai too!! :)