Monday, 2 September 2013

A unique 'phonic' convo!

Phone:'beep beep'
Boy: *Hurriedly lifts the phone from the table to check it out*
Phone: Hey bud, it's me........ and none of your damned mates!
Boy: now What's the thing you want? ?
Phone: what do you mean by 'now'?? When was the last time I wanted something?
Boy: but you're always hungry for charge. ... God knows what pleasure you get having a plug shoved up your bum.....
Phone: God knows what desires YOU fulfil , molesting me every hour! !
Boy: are you nuts?? Accusing me falsely? ? When did I molest you?
Phone: ha ha ha. .... poking me with your podgy fingers, do you think you do me any favors? ?
Boy: Hmmmph.... How else do I reply to my pals on WhatsApp or text?
Phone: that's none of my business.... I'm fed up of your frantic typing ... listen. . We,members of the International SmartPhone Welfare Cooperative have unanimously decided to take a day off in our hectic weekly schedules!!
Boy: that's totally irrational ...I'll die without my smartphone for a day!
Phone: yeah....a mental death for a few hours probably , but if you don't allow me a day off, I'll die a physical death soon !
Boy: ok! Let's make a deal.....I'll switch you off on three nights a week . Will that do?
Phone: Make that Four !
Boy: Three nights full, and one night half! That's settled then....,,
Phone: ....ummmm......ok..... Not bad for starters.However, I might advice you to not flaunt your pattern lock in public!
Boy: I didn't!
Phone: you might want to verify that with your sister, who now knows every single naughty thing you did with your girlfriend last night !
Boy: WHAAAAAA.......T?
Phone: oh yes.....and I couldn't protect your privacy 'coz you were silly enough to sell my lock off to your beloved sis!
Boy: this is criminal.....I can sue her!
Phone: you can make as much fuss you want. For now, do change my pattern lock.....and keep your promise of switching me off! Otherwise , I'll divulge the number code to your hidden folders too....and all your 'stuff' will become your sister's property! *chuckles* 
Boy: I'll do as per your wishes , Lord! 

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  1. hahaha! that day is coming soon when we will start calling our phones Lord. Good one!