Sunday, 8 September 2013


"Doctor saab?",an old man in a lungi ,with a white beard, was peeping through the door to OPD in the rural hospital.
"Yes? ",replied Dr Sharma,who was having a rather lazy day at work, free from the usual din & bustle that occurred during OPD hours.
"Mera Checkup karwa do na. ...",the man said.(please do my checkup)
Dr Sharma:"Haa, that's the reason I'm here! What's your problem? "
Old Man: "I don't have any problem. I've got to get a fitness certificate"
Dr Sharma: "You? At this age? You certainly don't look like a working person! What do you need a fit certificate for? "
Old man: "I'm going to fulfil my dream this year. I'm going to become a Haji"
Dr Sharma:"Haji? You're gonna take the trip to Mecca ?"
Old Man:"Haa Doctor Sahab....", his eyes were gleaming, "I've finally got the chance! "
Dr. Sharma goes through the formalities of asking him certain questions, listening to his heart sounds, taking his weight,& so on. For a 68 years old, he was doing pretty good! He pored over the paper, to finish his certificate, and then said, "I've seen you! But I'll give you the certificate once you promise me something! "
old man: "Kya Doctor Sahab? Zaroor rakkhunga!" (Of course i'll keep the promise)
Dr Sharma: "You've to promise me that you'll seek the 'Dua' (blessings) of your Allah for my little girl, who's having less and less vision in her eyes for so many days now! She has a rather complex disease. "
Old Man:"ji,Sahab....zarooor...!! I'll definitely do it for you! This is my good fortune that I'll have this opportunity! Aapka beti naam kya hai , Doctor Sahab?"(what's your daughter's name?)
Dr. Sharma: "Sunita Sharma"
Old Man: "Salaam Doctor Sahab! Main zaroor  'Dua' mangunga! chalta hu !!"
Dr Sharma: " Namastey"!

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  1. such a sweet little story. Doctor's too need 'due' from God.

    1. Thanks Kalpana! Unfortunately,didnt bag the WOW badge this time!

  2. Short and sweet! Good one :)