Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Stubble Trouble : The Date !

If it's hard enough to win over a woman's heart, it's harder to lift her spirits once she feels her man has let her down! As a man, you've got to be at your toes all the time , so that your girl doesn't feel cheated .....because, believe me, that would lead to some very awkward situations for you! I've been on the receiving end of the quiet fury of my girl , but what really led to a missed opportunity was on our 4th anniversary of getting together ! 
        We were classmates in our medical college , and had been celebrating our anniversaries every year , by going out for dinner at one of the nice restaurants in the city . However , in the days leading upto the coveted 4th anniversary, her behaviour was somewhat queer ! We were in the final year of our course then, and I thought , girls being girls, she was voluntarily putting herself under pressure of the curriculum!  She spoke less, her smiles appeared forced, she didn't ask questions and only answered formally! Once or twice, I did ask her if something was wrong, but she brushed them aside. On D-day, I got all dressed up, and went and stood at the Ladies' hostel gate for her to come down . I gave her a call, but the phone didn't get picked up . I redialled, and after many rings, she picked up my call. 
"Hello", I said, "where are you ? I'm waiting outside your gates!" 
She asked, " But for whom ? " 
I was dumbfounded ! 
" I mean......we just spoke a couple of hours ago. Aren't we going out for dinner?", I asked , flabbergasted! 
" I'm sorry , are we supposed to?", was her insipid response. 
" please come down once , please don't joke !" , I tried to find humor in the proceedings.
It was apparent that the interaction was too heavy for any kind of joke. I persisted with my request and after some more pleading , she came down . She hadn't got ready for an outing at all ! 
 I was puzzled, " What happened dear? We've been going out for this dinner date every year . What is the matter ? Is anything wrong ? Why have you changed suddenly ?" 
      She looked away and didn't answer at first. Then she slowly asked, " Titas , haven't you changed ?" 
"Me ? ", I was incredulous , " absolutely not ! What do you mean ?" 
She now looked at my face , " you sure , there's absolutely nothing that has changed about you ?" Her eyes focused intently on my face and roved around from side to side.
            Then it dawned on me . Instantaneously , my right palm went upto my chin, and grazed against my newly developed stubble of two weeks! It was a new look that I was trying out , going with the recent trend of keeping an unkempt beard ! 
" But you didn't say anything....this has been there for the last 15 days ! You should've told me that you don't like this ! " , I tried to reason with her, as my mind finally registered the fact that the time period of me not shaving had coincided with her downcast mood !  

 " Titas , why would this need a reminder ? You remember , when we first became a couple, what I told you ? That I saw shades of my Dad in you ! You were a confident young man , always clean shaven , ready with a smile , dignified, well dressed! You could be identified as the bright upcoming Doctor , just like my Dad is . It was the reason I fell for you . But look at you now! That stubble of yours looks downright filthy ! God knows who put this idea into your brain that you needed to look 'macho' by throwing away your razors !  I've been waiting for the past few days , hoping everyday you'd turn up properly in the hospital wards, but you've not done it at all! You don't look anything remotely close to a Doctor're more of a hooligan now . And you expect me to go out and dine with you ?" , she rattled off without a pause ! 
                I realised my folly ! I apologised for being the thick headed guy , who tried to incorporate some machismo into his look. I tried to convince her to pardon me and  go out with me , but she cancelled the dinner date for the evening . No amount of cajoling could make her change her decision , and I was left ruing an ill-timed  ill advised venture to alter my look  ! The opportunity to take my girl out on that special date , like previous years, slipped away, but it taught me an important lesson : that no matter what happened, never take your girl for granted. Every girl wants her man to look good, and your appearance needed to be spot-on if you needed to woo your girl! I had realised, the hard way, that a grizzly beard wouldn't add to my looks, but a clean shaven face did! 

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