Thursday, 11 December 2014

Hunger Free India

 "..... And this is incredible ", the commentator's voice boomed across India,  " we have three sprinters who've finished with a sub-10 second timing in the 100 metres!! Unbelievable!  And all of them are yet to finish their schooling! If the national trials are anything to go by, we're sure to be a force to reckon with, in the next Olympics "!!

       The front page news of a leading daily reports," ……The pass percentage in India's school leaving examination has crossed a record 90% this year! Students from the small towns and districts have fared very well and in some places, have surpassed the students from the big cities and metros. We're probably seeing a new wave in Indian educational scenario, where the discrepancy in educational acumen is narrowing down! ……"


        The new dawn in India's horizon was a direct consequence of a policy by the Indian government authorities to ensure that no child went hungry. Every people's representative made it his/her prerogative to give paramount importance to school child nutrition and look after quality control of the food being served.  Diarrhoeal diseases following school meals became almost non existent, and school dropout rates fell drastically. The whole country gradually marched ahead, to haul up the national literacy rate toward that achieved by Kerala!

       At the moment, this might appear to be a work of fiction, by someone who has deliberately turned a blind eye to the problems of protein energy malnutrition plaguing the country . Kwashiorkor and marasmus are almost like epidemics, rampant in the lesser known parts of the state.  But,  one word that can galvanise us is BELIEF !  Proper planning and implementation can really help root out this evil, and the strength of the young brigade of India would then be evident in all forums.  If children don't have to worry about their next meals, they can concentrate their energies to bring out the best in them, thereby collectively taking India forward.  Of course, the changes won't be evident overnight and it will require immense patience and goodwill, but in the long run, it will surely pay rich dividends!!

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