Friday, 26 December 2014

Stubble Trouble !

As the sole medical officer of the health unit I head, I have the liberty to run my office as I wish . Usually , my office is a peaceful place, apart from the occasional visits to my office by my superior , but those are few and far between . My superior is the executive medical officer, who's known as a hard taskmaster , a strict no-nonsense kind of a fellow. People tried their level best to not irritate him, and I was no exception . 
    However, sometime last year, we all got to know that the executive was going on a prolonged leave . That meant , for three long weeks, our weekly meetings at his office won't be held. I was delighted. With no official meetings in weeks, I was relaxed . I started going to office without a worry in the world . I decided, this was the time to try out my new stubble look ! 
     I gave up shaving to grow the foliage in my face . I felt I was going to look macho, in the new looks!  Day by day, the stubble made its way across the breadth of my face . One or two of my staffs cast curious glances, but none questioned me. I shoved my razors and shaving cream away. 
      Two weeks on, a car came to a halt in front of my office, and the familiar sound of boot made its way towards me. I sensed trouble. Sure enough , in strode my executive , without prior notice , and sending my preconceived notions of his staying out of station for at least a week more  , out of the window ! He took one look at me, and was aghast ! " impressive, huh? " , he asked in a voice moulded with sarcasm . " looking smart , my boy ! " I returned him a smile......a nervous smile .  He checked on all the office registers and files , all the while glancing at me , while I kept on admiring the furniture around, eager to avoid his direct eye-contact. 
    When he was done at last , the Executive started to take his leave. I too rose with him, to escort him till my chamber door, half-relieved that he hadn't made a huge fuss of my scrawny beard . Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks , turned to look at me directly, and said , " I had to come back earlier than scheduled , and the Head Office had asked me to nominate two of my most efficient doctors for a special promotion next month. You know, I had almost sent across your name , but I'm thankful now that I didn't send it, and myself checked in you ! With your current appearance , it would have been a blunder on my part . "
    I stopped dead in my tracks . As the executive got in his car , I looked at him . He put out his head , curtly said , " Prepare for the next season , Titas ! " and left . I was dumbfounded. My little stunt with a stubble just cost me a reasonable promotion ! 

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