Sunday, 27 July 2014

Mixed Bag of 'Black' Wishes!

      'Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeechh ......!!! ' The tyres of the sedan fought with the metalled surface of the road to come to a halt! My pesky next-door auntie at the wheel downed the glass window , and started shouting , " many times would this black devil ruin my morning ?? How many times will i give you the final warning ? I'm gonna call the police next ! "
          I had just heard her set out for office , and urged my jet black cat to cross the road in front of our home! This was my own inimitable way of gaining revenge on the lady , who was full of haughtiness , and had abused my Mom the previous evening for no real fault of hers ! And this wasn't the first time that she had picked a fight with us deliberately, neither was it the first time that my cat was employed to cross the road at the most convenient moment: this was my regular custom to anger the wretched woman, who i knew was full of superstition , and hence , would be greatly irritated when the feline harmlessly crossed her path, as she could not fathom enough courage to drive away non-challantly! She would stand there till another car had got past her,believing that it took away the curse of the cat, absolving her of impending misfortune.
       I am a crusader against all existing superstitions in the society and my cat was only helping me in my cause by letting me punish the lady ! 
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Feeling pleased with myself as the lady wouldn't budge till a passing car bailed her out, I was bracing for some more expletives from her, when suddenly , I got jerked out of bed by Mom black Cat vanished with a *poof* and all I was left with was terrible memories from last night when our neighbour had vented fury against us! This Black cat was on my wishlist for such a long time , as my means of troubling my neighbour, but Mom would not allow any pet in the house. So I have continued having dreams of this coveted pet , an emblem of superstitious beliefs across the country.....but I was still far from getting my hands on one!

        Coming down into the drawing room , I was still grumpy . Once again, our prestige had taken a beating the previous night, but I couldn't really do anything. I casually picked up the newspaper and started scouring the headlines. 
The eyes got stuck on one ," Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 search enters second month"! 
What the hell was happening with the world ? 
Half the world were searching the oceans for this long, yet they failed to trace even the smallest debris from the plane? 
These transponders that the US Army provided couldn't pick up the pings from the Black Box ?
The Black Box.....only if I had access to it, it could have revealed so much to the world . Aviation safety could've been overhauled forever , so that no such mishaps would recur . Thousands of questions could be answered , families of hundreds of innocent fliers could've found solace in the fact that at least they knew what happened to their loved ones.
I clutched my hands in frustration. I needed that Black Box.....anyhow ! I needed to tell the world what had actually happened to the ill-fated plane. I was obliged to relieve so many people from so many doubts. I wanted to clear the air of suspicion. I needed that Black box of MH370!

  "Titas , get up , and sit with your books ! ", Mom was instructing from the kitchen ! Preparations for my Post Graduate examinations were on , and apart from the days I go out to work ,at all other times, I'm in a love-hate relationship with books ! I trudged up to my study , opened one of the humongous Multiple Choice Question laden books , and felt I couldn't concentrate. "MAAA", I shouted , "make me some Black coffee ....and do make it strong"! The addiction to caffeine , as a concentration booster, was intense from my hostel days ! 
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   In a few moments, there was the sound of brisk footsteps, and Mom's angry face appeared at the door, "Titas Kar, if you think you can order me according to your whims from early morning, you are mistaken . You are old enough , get up and help yourself! " ....and she stormed off! 

     As I walked to heat the water and gathered the coffee packet , my heart demanded of my brain : 'Why wasn't there a perpetual supply of ready made simmering Black coffee in my room? Why??'
 I need it all the time , and i hate to go and make it myself ! But it is fuel for my brains.
Oh, how I would love to have a cauldron of Black Coffee in stock , that would meet my incessant demand of the beverage!


Stills from Baadshah , where SRK
gets to try out the see-through
                                                                                                                                                                                       After a few hours of nerve wracking solving of Multiple Choice Questions , it was time for lunch, and I sat down in front of the TV for some relaxation. One of the movie channels was showing Baadshah , the 90s comedy thriller starring SRK. Despite having watched it numerous times, I got hooked onto it yet again. As Baadshah the private detective, mistakenly got hold of some spy gadgets, he got this special Black Glasses that could see through everyone's clothes , to check whether anybody was hiding any weapon underneath . Of course these dark glasses enabled him to have a look at the subjects in nothing but their birthday robes!!!! 
Ha ha! This was some interesting stuff! And the devil in my brain wanted Baadshah's Black Glasses . It's fascinating , how human mind doesn't take time to switch over to naughty ideas , and in a flash , I was smirking wickedly , thinking about the possible consequences of being armed with glasses that could see through clothing !!

  It was late evening when my next door auntie was driving back home into her garage . I was staring out of the window . The wounds of last night were still fresh, and seeing her, came rushing back once more. But I helplessly thought , how I was not in a position to teach her a lesson . As her swanky sedan smoothly drove up her driveway , I looked up at the sky at the descending darkness . Someday, I would put an end to her haughtiness , I thought to myself . She was rich , but I'd make sure I rub it into her ego by parking my own car in front of her gates.
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But it needed to be a big one . A huge one.
It needed to be a black Limousine ....yes, a huge Black Limo would be my ultimate dream vehicle . There would be ample space inside for a minibar . I would sit inside , revelling in the glory of my regal car . 

I went back to study. There was work to be done. Lots of way to go. In a day's thoughts, i had managed to draw up a mixed bag of Five things on my black wishlist.

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