Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Decoding #WhatTheBlack !

"Be prepared for a black week!", I said to Mom as I went out to work , one fine morning , early last week! Blogadda's mails, confirming me as one of the short listed bloggers for the #WhatTheBlack activity was sitting pretty in my inbox!
 Mom was alarmed," WHAAAT? black week? Why?"
I scowled ! " Mom, stop labelling every black thing as bad ! It's gonna be a week of surprises ! ", and I winked at her , then left!
     By late afternoon, there was her call, that I was expecting ! "Titas, what is this thing?" ,she was sounding frantic!
       "What is 'what' Mom ?" I urged her to explain !
" There's this package that has come, and it bears a black egg! A BLACK EGG !", she was bewildered !

            When I reached home, I found out that the egg certainly had more to it than being just an oddly coloured poultry product- it was filled with solid dark chocolate ! It tasted heavenly, but more than that , it poked fun at my brain and asked my conscience ," dude, why do you think you'd receive this rich chocolaty black egg? Have you done any good to mankind ?? why would someone reward you?? " I couldn't answer , but I thanked the secret benevolent person who had helped me gorge on the chocolate!  

            My pals on social media were confused, when I posted pics of the egg online. One of them asked, whether it could be that aliens had laid the eggs at my doorstep! Few others were inquisitive as to why would an egg turn black !
       I chuckled ! I knew there was more to come !

   Day 2 brought in a Black newspaper , that was filled with fictitious stories about Black items being discovered all around the world, presented in the most make-believe style of newspaper reporting! The paper, WHATTHEBLACK TIMES was a fantastic contrast to what we read everyday , and white font on black paper was a revelation ! But I have to be honest , I didn't have a single clue yet , to the goings on regarding #WhatTheBlack!

        Day 3 was no less queer , as a black tissue paper and a black paper cup were packed neatly and delivered at my home! By now, it had struck me that somewhere , someone was deliberately turning quintessentially white items into black and bringing in a revolution of sorts ! I was prepared to expect the unexpected, I was ready to welcome the unseen, I told myself to be ready for a "Black" extravanganza !

         The curtain was finally lifted on Day 4! The well concealed secret was revealed! wwww.whattheblack.com was no longer showing us ambiguous topics on its portal! Mom was no longer in the dark about what was happening : all the questions that had flooded social media over the last few days were answered as the veil was removed from the most unique piece of toothbrush that I've ever laid my eyes upon : the new Colgate Slimsoft Charcoal Toothbrush with black ......yes you read that right....BLACK bristles !! I could've never imagined that a toothbrush can been so much visually appealing ! Moreover, its specifications left me in awe.....the bristles were infused with Charcoal , that promised deep , yet gentle cleaning!

      Sure enough, I was eager to try it out , and brushing became such an attractive activity for me for the moment! I could confirm that the toothbrush certainly lent an extra softness in its handling of my gum and teeth, so it's name 'Slimsoft' lived up to its reputation!
      The #WhatTheBlack activity was unique to the core, and had us exercising our grey cells for possible solutions to the Black clues we were sent! Cheers to Colgate and Blogadda , for working out such an interesting campaign and giving us a chance to be a part of it !!

Written as part of the #WhatTheBlack activity in association with Blogadda . You can find out more at www.whattheblack.com

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