Friday, 4 July 2014


 is a splendid new portal,which has wholeheartedly attempted bringing all car connoisseurs of India under a common roof so that  there’s free mixing of like-minded people from across the country on the web. The trendy portal is a must visit for those who fantasize about cars all the time and believe that they can devote a lifetime talking about cars.

CarConnect organizes all the information in a compact manner regarding a motorist's needs and serves it up to you in a manner which can help even the most confused of souls . There is a city based selection system, with which you can connect with fellow automobile lovers from around the country! It’s the brainchild of a novel concept, so that everyone can pick each others' brains , and build up a huge database of car-based information.

You need to join in through Facebook into this portal, and immediately , you are transported into a world , where automobile is the uniting force!! The portal is divided into 'car experiences ' and 'long drive' sections, that are each superimposed on a city-based structure, that adds to the charm of the website.

I found real joy in going through the road trip experiences that highly skilled motorists across the nation have shared.

The city wise classification also gives me the option to have a look at the varied preferences of car lovers in different parts of the country.

To drive up the quality of content shared on car connect, there's this system of awarding badges to the most active users. This infuses a competitive spirit amongst users of the portal. Top badge holders have a wealth of experience which they have generously shared with others . There's an array of impressive looking badges to collect as one climbs up the leaderboard , and sure enough, the toppers have the attention of the entire web-world, so it’s quite a prestigious post to aim for!!

Another magical touch is the ‘compare cars’ section, that makes it the simplest possible way to check out the features in cars and comparing them with their peers in the market. 

Car connect also gives us the chance to have a closer peek into what is going on in the automobile world and what to expect from the ever evolving industry in the foreseeable future.The cutthroat competition from rival players has driven up the levels of engineering & technological excellence like never before, so innovation in the car arena are coming in thick & fast! CarConnect educates us in what lies ahead!

Going through the site, i feel that the get-up can be overhauled a little, by bringing in fancy fonts, and a dash of colours, but i also know, that the builders of the site probably wanted to keep it as clutter-free as possible! But there’s always scope for improvement in the appearance of the site!

     The other minor glitch that i can think of is ,having Facebook as the only means of getting to join carconnect. It isn't the best option in my opinion, and i feel the team can do better , by adding other means to join the website, so that non-facebook users too can get to enjoy this whole new ‘car-site’ !! Keep up the good work folks, and may you make the website even more organised.

 Written as part of The Experience organised by CarConnect , in association with Indiblogger.

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