Sunday, 27 July 2014

What?? The Black Pentad !!

Black is intriguing.
Black is intense.
Black is mysterious.
Black hides secrets.
      Here, i enumerate the five things that top my Black wishlist :

Eternal black hair:  parents say , when I was six months old, they had discovered a white hair strand on my head! When I came to know of it,it had scared the daylights out of me! To me, white hair was synonymous with old age & I was fearful: what if I grew old quickly? What if my hair greyed in my teens? No girl would date an 'uncle', right?  From then, I had been obsessed with black hair & given a choice, I would pray that I continue having the mop of black hair on my scalp for my lifetime!! Whenever I comb , I suspiciously scour the strands for silvery streaks & alarmingly enough, have found out 3-4 such mortifying samples , now that I've crossed the quarter of a century. But I sincerely hope that those are a few aberrations. They say, to have salt & pepper hair is like displaying you're matured enough , but hey thanks! I'd much rather appear immature , than displaying the silvery streaks on my head! And hence, black hair tops my priority list of my Black Wish list !!

                                                what i wish      and        what I dread 

Black magic : Many a time I have wished that I could slam some of my seniors at work, who had vented their frustrations out on us juniors. They pick out the slightest of errors in our work, bash us publicly without reason, and leave us with more work to do. Even though patience levels are stretched to the brim,etiquette and sense of hierarchy make sure that my inner rebel is restrained,so that i don't get higher sanctions for questioning the Boss. But the fact that the seniors misuse their superior status by forcing us to work extra , while they relax , makes me crave that there was some way i could punish them secretly, without them knowing about it ! 
         At such times, I've seriously wanted that to be an expert at Black Magic , and punish those notorious bosses from far away , by making Voodoo Dolls in their name & crucifying them! I'd be temporarily controlling their activities , but they won't be able to point their fingers on me for this ordeal !!
   Whilst I would take satisfaction in finally getting justice, they'd be horrified , and would certainly atone for all their wrongdoings on their juniors ! So, learning Black Magic is definitely on my wishlist!

Voodoo Doll ....practicing of Black magic. (Image Courtesy : maasulekhadevi)

Black Beauty :  Remember the black horse in Anna Sewell's novel from the Victorian era , whose story, told in an autobiographical manner, brought a revolution in the treatment of horses globally?? Yes, Black Beauty! I long to have her as a pet , and she'd be my agile friend , taking me on my weekend escapades on the farmhouse in the countryside. People would stare in awe as the sunlight would reflect off her glistening black skin , and we'd race the wind to ride away to the horizon ! Her strong hooves beating down on the ground would be music to my ears. As we'd raise a storm of dust beneath us , sitting on her back, I'd cherish the regal feeling of a knight from the medieval age . She'd be my friend, and I'd refrain from using any of the painful methods that horse-riders use on their horses . Under my guidance and care, she'd become powerfully built, and her speed , strength and agility will become renowned! 

image courtesy: glogster

Image Courtesy: usborne

Black Tuxedo:  As the saying goes, clothes indeed maketh a man! But a gent in a cavalier black tuxedo maketh an epoch-defining fashion statement! An imperial Black Tuxedo in my wardrobe would be heavy artillery, designed to create mass jaw-drops at an evening dinner party , when I turn up in it ,looking 'prim & propah' , with a black bow tie to hilt! The tailored black Tuxedo will certainly have the potential to propel me into the limelight and be the cynosure of all eyes! And as soon as I tick the box of this fourth item on my Black wishlist......Daniel Craig , you better watch out! You might just make way for me to be cast as the next James Bond!! It would be me as 007 in my classy dinner jacket , walking upto the bartender, asking for a Vodka Martini Shaken not Stirred at a Casino , before moving onto a table of poker and drawing the attention of the inevitable sultry Bond girl stationed there! 
the single-breasted black tuxedo
(image courtesy : finetuxedos)

Traversing a Black Hole: Black holes had started fascinating me , in high school, when I had gotten into physics and science fiction . A huge black coloured orifice in the midst of space that sucks in we teens used to know it. 
Oh Wait in everything ?? Even light?? 
What happens next??
Where do the sucked in matter go??
Do they go in through the Black hole and come out through something called a 'Worm Hole' in a parallel universe ??
Intriguing story! 
There originated my wish to traverse a black hole and discover what lay on the other side of this dark tunnel! We got to know, in physics terms , that anything going into a black hole gets infinitely stretched! Fine enough, I'd only put my head and torso inside the Black Hole, keeping my feet firmly fixed on this universe. Thus, I'd get my trunk elongated , crane my neck , and poke out my head on the other side to see how the parallel universe looks! It's a fair enough idea , I guess , to shed some light on the darkest mystery in the universe....that of the black hole! So , if anybody can help me hitch a ride onto the nearest black hole, I'd be very grateful! 

Artist's rendition of a Black Hole ( Image courtesy: Wikipedia)

My rendition of what it must be like to travel through a Black Hole
and come out into a parallel universe thorugh a 'worm hole' !!

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