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Connections ....and more!!


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"You knew Lallan?!!" , the spontaneity of Tara and Cyrus' enquiries made it look as if it was a dialogue , well rehearsed in advance! 

Jennifer bit her tongue . She had played safe till now, avoiding every bit of shady affair that she had been a witness to/ or had been a part of , till now. She didn't want to cook up any fresh controversies , least of all, divulging her ill advised fling with Lallan. But she knew she had given it away . She now had no options but to open up.

" Jennifer, answer me", Tara was looking steadfastly at her ! 
Cyrus wasn't one to speak in that same tone of voice to her, but he too wanted to know the detail of this latest piece of sensational information .

" yes, I knew him ....but you can be absolutely certain that I didn't have any connection to any of his misdeeds. Hate to admit this, but being in a two week relationship with the guy is something  that I wish I could have erased from my past", Jennifer looked genuinely shameful. 

Cyrus felt a sharp pang of pain somewhere deep inside . 

" I was high flying , you see.....bagging the photo assignment for a particularly glam event some time back, when this crook introduced himself as a Fashion Photographer and bonded with me", Jennifer was earnest ...." I fell for his looks, and his suave manners . But my love bubble had burst , in the very first week , when Lallan's motives appeared somewhat strange to me. Besides the many rave parties where I had to accompany him , I quickly got to see that he had a way with girls. I realised the trap I had fallen into . I suffered a lot....mentally well as ......",Jennifer's eyes welled up with tears," ....he was a sadist ! "

Tara allowed Jennifer to continue without interruptions .

  "Before long, my camera saved me in the most unexpected of manners. At all the parties I went to , I was designated as the freelancer. It was when one of my photos , that had a Delhi-Haryana honcho snorting cocaine, inadvertently surfaced at places where it was unintended,that landed Lallan in an uncomfortable position and I believe, some of his businesses got hampered . He was troubled by his business partners , in which he got agitated and in the time when Lallan got busy clearing the controversy , I could escape  and rush back to Kochi. But Lallan never lost track of me. He could've disposed of me if he wanted,  his tentacles are long enough.  But Lallan wanted his revenge as it was due to my actions, that he had suffered some losses.  He would send me reminders often , that my punishment was pending and he had made it clear that I had to make it up to him . I had promised that I would , lest I also suffer the same fate that many of the other girls whom he beds , meet ......", Jenny's cheeks were deluged by torrential downpours from her eyes..

Tara listened with rapt attention to what Jenny said. Cyrus' initial bits of bitterness had long evaporated , and he was now edging closer to Jenny to cast an arm round her. He could understand the difficulties Jennifer had to face, given the grave mistake she had committed. 
" where did you get to know Aryan , then?", Tara hadn't lost the plot in spite of being drawn into a totally different revelation .

" oh, it was in one of those Page 3 parties I attended. There was this gentleman Mr Aryan Ahuja, a master artist, who was gifted with a skill to sketch portraits in 2 minutes ! He was obliging all the socialites in that Delhi party , drawing them magically in a flash! In fact the design of my tattoo here on my wrist, had been from Aryan's sketch only , that he had drawn around my cartoon when I had requested him to draw mine !  Aryan had put in this butterfly by a few swift sketches beside my portrait , as an emblem of my carefree attitude! I was so smitten by it , that when I got back to Kochi, I had got this design on my wrist " , and Jenny showed them her wrist .

Cyrus began to think how the world had become smaller.
"Connections ", he muttered to himself , and sighed.

Aryan Ahuja looked like a feasible option to fall back onto, since all three of them had some positive opinion about him!!

"You understand Lallan there's little hope of you leaving the country now?", said Madam S.
Lallan nodded.

" Does Shekhar Dutta have an eye for your products?", Madam S's words slithered out of her tongue. Women , with all body , and no brains , were her merchandise.

Lallan frowned, "How do I know that?"

Madam S smirked , "Why not give it a try ?? Where's this special product of yours that you said , would be your trumpcard in case the need arises?"

" But this product was not meant to be utilised on this Shekhar Dutta , Ma'am....this was.....", Lallan's argument was cut short curtly by the lady, "Shut up!! If i know Shekhar Dutta well enough, and your product's one tough cookie,the job should be done !" 

Lallan had no clue as to how Madam S knew so much . 

Samantha knew,that Shekhar Dutta loved to be with strong women ......from personal experience!

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  1. Thanks to this segment, I am now clear about Lallan... and it is indeed interesting to see Seema becoming Samantha and then Madam S. This story is becoming such a real life reflection in the sort of society we live in.

    Arvind Passey