Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Few Clouds Cleared



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Roohi became aware that the situation was too grim at the moment , so she kept quiet. Shekhar was furious at the involvement of Police ,by Cyrus . A deep sense of fright surged within him..... Tara had found out about the locked rooms , the dead bitches, the toy dog that Roohi had got at their home ......Shekhar began to dread the connections . Now,this girl Jennifer had been kidnapped . Were they all headed back to his wild 90s years? 

As Cyrus' phone rang , he answered in a  choked voice . A vaguely familiar voice responded,  "This call is for Shekhar Dutta . Give him the phone . As for you Cyrus, I know you're intelligent enough to  divert the police , if you have alerted them already ! The pretty lady needs to be safe , doesn't she ? "

Cyrus almost cried into the phone,"NOOOOOOOO,she should be fine , who are you ?? "
The caller was adamant, " just give the phone to Shekhar Dutta and shut up idiot !"
Trembling , Cyrus gave his phone to Shekhar , who responded, " yes , Shekhar Dutta here! "
" Cool, Dutta ......be a good guy now and come over to our old deck at Pahargunj , will you ? And don't tell me you don't know who's this . Keep this conversation a secret from your wife & that idiot Cyrus .....I know you will! " Shekhar clenched his teeth , and disconnected the phone. 

" who was it ? You know him ? What did he want ? " , demanded Tara .
Shekhar stared on ahead, "I need to handle this myself , sorry dear....can't tell anything now . It's for the well being of the girl ! "
" But just a little while ago, you weren't interested at all in the well being of Jenny ? " , Cyrus was suspicious ! 

Shekhar was agitated, " Listen , we don't have much time . If we have to save our backs , I must go now . And Tara, for Roohi's sake, don't leave her alone and come looking for me . You have seen how dangerous it has become ! "
And he left without another word .

Percival Batra !! After so many years !! That he had become powerful yet again wasn't unknown to Shekhar , but he did not have the slightest idea that he would get embroiled in these things yet again!  His head was spinning , as he entered that much trodden alley in the fringe of Pahargunj . This was the hub of his dealings of the past , but he had tried to steer clear of it carefully , but now , he had found out that he needed to get back again . 

As Shekhar pushed open the door to the inn, he got that familiar musty smell , yet again . On a stool was seated a man Shekhar knew well , from his past , an old acquaintance . He had a frown on his face , which made way for a smile on seeing Shekhar! A couple of other men sat alongside .

" What do you want now Percival ? Why are you doing this to me ?? Why have you dragged me here? " , Shekhar demanded.

 The man responded, " Dutta, have a Seat | so again, we do meet | 
          but, pleasantries first| would you like something to eat?"

Shekhar shouted, " I have no time for this rhyming nonsense of yours Percival , you've already caused enough harm to Cyrus ......all those short messages on Mondays , I've just come to know about them! "

Percival looked bemused, " Ah , but my dear | your mind still isn't clear | as to why I called you here!!"
Shekhar had had enough : " PERCIVAL !!!!! Stop this shit and ..........".

" Relax Dutta , there's no Percival!
Ah , to my name , I haven't been loyal !
Nowadays, I'm Prof Paresh Borah to all ! "

Shekhar slumped on his seat on a heap . His mouth remained half open, and he gulped twice , before finally managing to force it shut ! It was his old drug trafficking accomplice , who was now Cyrus' professor! He was not at all prepared for this !!

" surprised , Dutta?? Well , as they say, old habits die hard ....and I have found it extremely difficult to let go of my love for poems & haikus ! Besides, I realised , I had to utilise my education to make a living, so .....you understand , naa?? "

" why am I here ? What do you want from me and Cyrus ? "

" first of all, I'd like to congratulate you for reciprocating the old saying , "great minds think alike ' ....you were clever in sending across Cyrus as a tenant at your house right ? A law student , preoccupied with studies, was exactly what was required by you so that the police never suspected anything, right? I saw it too! I realised Cyrus was the perfect shield ! "

Shekhar shifted uncomfortably in his seat !

" besides, I got a double whammy with Cyrus ! I set him on a case to work with which involved a few murders that happened in and around Delhi a couple of years back . You see, it involved my business , and I was lucky to have wiped out evidences. But I needed to double check whether there were any loose ends, and sure enough , the idiot found them out ! Good for him that he always maintained the files, and after his investigations, I  always got the files removed from him . I thought he would give up on the case, but the guy was so bull-headed that he clung on! Boy, the extents to which interns would go these days to get those foreign scholarships !! That's when I decided to frighten him with those coke-smuggling bitches of ours! I could've removed Cyrus if I wanted, but you see , I didn't want to attract police interest in my beloved Chuna Mandi! "

Shekhar was too perplexed to talk , but he too had his own doubts ! Percival opened up even more.

" Scaring Cyrus was a motive , but I also wanted to let you know about my activities here at Chuna Mandi ! Hence the Dead Doggy Monday shows! But,when nearly two months went by , and you still didn't react, I realised the silly boy must be keeping it all to himself, trying to cope with the ghastly sights himself ! I had confirmed news that Cyrus was troubled every Monday night , but at the same time , I needed to cleanse his room rapidly , so that even if he complained to anybody , nobody would believe him , apart from you ! And , Dutta it was your ingenious brain that hatched this ploy to smuggle coke in dogs' bodies , right? You've indeed saved me a lot of hassles and costs ! Who'd miss some stray bitch on the road , huh? "

Shekhar cursed himself and his dark past. He had made a lot of money indeed, but he also had moved away from this life when he started a family . Money still lured him, and so he wanted a percentage from the proceedings that were going on at his home ! 

Percival went on," I wanted you to contact me on your own , but there was no communication . I was also facing a new problem that needed to be dealt with. So yesterday , I had even gone to Mumbai , to supply that dog to your daughter ! The way she looked at me , I felt she might have seen me somewhere before . I was  sure that this could at least get you alerted . I needed you.
     This gets me to Lallan and this new wretched bitch ....this one is a lady ,by the way, called Madam S ...who's this new trafficking queen ! This lady had an interest in your house too , but since it was already mine, she couldn't get a foothold . Lallan was working for me for some years , but this lady recruited him too. I didn't realise that Lallan was double bluffing me , and also working for her till very lately . And, in my efforts to put some blame  elsewhere and misguide Cyrus, I subtly mentioned 'her' , as a pointer towards some Lady's involvement in the Monday night notes . And you too were clever , weren't you, Dutta? You knew there were these dealings on at your house , but you wanted to avoid the direct contact, and got the commission from Lallan , didn't you ?? "

Shekhar was aghast , " how'd you know that ?? "

" you see , I didnt suspect it at first, but one of my men was intelligent enough to pluck that phone out of your pocket when that girl was taken away this morning ! And it shows a fair amount of call history between you and Lallan ! "

Shekhar suddenly remembered," where's the girl ? "

Percival bluntly replied," I've no clue about that! "

" Percival , why did you say she was here ?"

" would you have come , if I hadn't laid her as the bait ?"

" I'll kill you Percival "

" relax Dutta, sit down . There's another mess that needs to be cleared . And this involves that asshole Lallan who has double faulted . He has kidnapped the girl and possibly taken her to Madam S's . In all probability , there has already been a call from her side to Cyrus by now , asking your house in ransom ! Lallan's got to pay for this breach of terms. "

Shekhar felt he was sinking . He was afraid of the police as he had spent a good amount of time in the past , evading the lawmakers . He was furious with Cyrus just a while ago for contacting the police because he didn't want the police to be involved in the proceedings at all.

" Dutta, I know what you're thinking of. You're fearing the same thing that caused you to leave this line! You dread the police , you dont want to get into trouble. But I want to overpower this Madam S without making too much of an uproar, you have to join forces with me to deal with her . Take it from me,she's quite a slippery customer ! "

    Cyrus' phone rang , and he clumsily picked it up , " Hello , who's this?"
A harsh female voice barked , " give the phone to Shekhar Dutta "!
A vein appeared to split in Cyrus' temple , " GODDDAMNNN ! Why do all of you keep asking for Shekhar? Where is Jennifer?"
" shut up F**ker, if you don't want her throat slit immediately ! "
Cyrus fell silent," Shekhar is not here ! Please don't harm Jenny! Please !" 
Tara snatched the phone from him , "Hello, hello, this is Shekhar's wife, who's this ?"

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sketch by teammate : Arvind Passey
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  1. You brought a great twist to the story ...loved how you framed the Prof. into all this. Overall, well written :)

    1. Thank you Uma!! It boils down to the climax now!! Let's see how we make the story stand in the end!!

  2. So you did finally connect the syllabic rhyme with a character... and yes, you have done quite a bit of bringing all scattered facets together. We are now waiting to see how the final segment demystifies everything. Or is it that life somehow manages to create fresh lots of mists and haze to keep the thrill alive?

    Arvind Passey

    1. Yes Mr Passey, the rhymes needed to fit in somewhere, as did the killed bitches! I'm sure the climax is going to be one huge thriller!! 😀 😀

  3. Absolutely amazed at how you linked the whole pieces together titas! And the professor being the villain - Thumbs up !

    1. Thanks and cheers Maliny !! couldn't just let go of the pieces you people set up , had to string them together !! now for the leaderboard !! :D