Saturday, 23 August 2014

The artisans of my Minimalist home with an 'ethnic,sporty,tech savvy' feel !!

  Re-doing a house according to one's own choices requires some real planning, but MakeMyHome has come up to aid us in taking these decisions, by giving us a chance to pick and choose objects according to our preferences from their carefully assorted collection of items. So, after much deliberations, i've zeroed in on the three products that are essential to give my home a Sporty, yet Tech-savvy feel, at the same time being minimalist in appeal, whilst also displaying my love for the ethnicity of India!

     An astronomy enthusiast would be thrilled to have a miniature telescope adorning one of the corners of his room and I was literally stunned, seeing this on display at Makemyhome . Watching the stars have been my most favorite pastime throughout my growing up years and this is the perfect showpiece to portray my love for sky-watching to any one who sets his eyes on it. The telescope can easily showcase the high-tech savvy nature of the household, yet has a wonderful minimalist appeal. The simple yet elegant handcrafted design on brass actually puts in a real usable Galilean telescope that can be used within short distances!! My future progenies would get used to the nuances of using the instrument right from the beginning . I would like to believe that the telescope will reflect the open mindedness that is easily associated with someone who finds pleasure in searching for the mysteries of the universe!  

      Little India Pure Brass Antique Design Real Telescope 

    No guy can put down a goodie related to football and one of the assets of his drawing room would be a bean bag that is shaped like a 32-panelled ball !! This particular piece in purple and red can be the dream couch for me to camp on, when I shout myself hoarse sitting in front of the TV during crunch football matches!! This will also double up as a funky piece of room decor , adding the positive vibes that a sporty household possesses, matching the wall colours of my drawing room , tailored to provide the feeling of ultimate relaxation, when I deposit my lethargic soul onto it on a lazy day! 

        Style Homez Football Bean Bag Purple & Red

     This 23 K Gold Embossed marble lantern with Meenakari and Kundan work, adorned with subtle stokes of gold work, is my bet to add an ethnic touch to my home. The delightfully crafted lantern would be my choice to illuminate my room when I'm in the mood to dim the lights and immerse myself in a state of trance , with melodious Sufi music creating an enigmatic ambience!! The artistic excellence of the item caught my eye as I surfed through the MakeMyHome website and I envisaged myself, gifting my own customized 'candle-lit' dinner to my girl, with the lantern acting as the sole source of radiance! The lovely design  brings out the royal feel of Rajasthan perfectly. The lantern would certainly fascinate my ladylove, and she'd love to bask in the 'retrained' glory of this cute little piece !!

      Aapno Rajasthan Lantern

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