Sunday, 4 August 2013

When the KF Beer God Rained his Blessings on Kolkata.......

The excitement had been palpable In the Twitter sky of Kolkata for the past few days. We had put our heart and soul into the project as our only aim was to make Kolkata triumphant.As 2nd August approached ever so slowly,and the wait for the official Announcement became lengthier, tensions began to escalate. What if some other city pitched in with a more Superlative effort in the very last hours and went away with the blessings of the KF Beer God? After all, it was his graciousness that was being sought
pan-India,and Kolkata had prayed enough! Or had she? 
  Sayan,Sammya,Shankar ,and yours truly were an elated quartet along with many others in the city of Joy, when the intimation came in the form of a DM at late night & was confirmed the following morning by an official announcement. Our prerogative had been Served : 

Kolkata had indeed prayed the most devotedly to the Beer God, by tweeting the most number of times in support of their city, out of the millions of devout Beer-heads in the country and was about to be
showered with Kingfisher beer on the evening of International Beer Day! The loot was scheduled at The Stadel,in Salt Lake, Kolkata.

The Stadel welcomes the soldiers

   At 7pm, the Twitterrati of Kolkata swarmed down to The Stadel to revel in the extravaganza . The hub was prepared,with a lady DJ at the console belting out chartbusters galore. The team at Kingfisher greeted us cordially,and Kolkata's own warriors, many of whom were unknown to each other, but had all united to take Kolkata's challenge forward in this campaign,came face-to-face for the very first time and embraced each other with warmth. Bro-feeling was in the air ! The good folks at Kingfisher, who had  promised the sky, lived upto our expectations, when they announced that 30 litres of beer were earmarked for us to consume for the night. It was the net amount that we had earned ourselves by the collective efforts of all those who tweeted around India. 

Beer-heads Chugging away to Glory 
There was a raucous cheer that followed the announcement , as people had turned up at the venue with a tummy that craved being quelched with beer! Bottles were being popped left, right,and centre, with many of the Seasoned pros being reluctant to take the help of bottle openers, and resorting to the service of their teeth to uncap the bottles! 

sumptuous starters to complement the beer
Shutterbugs clicked away happily as the tables overflowed with "Good Times" !Sumptuous chilli Chicken and paneers complemented the Lager Beer Bottles!

a gratified soul offering prayers to the KF Beer God 
  ''Hey Sayan, what had been your best prayer to the Beer God? please say it for the cameras" , was an earnest request, and a bevy of  cameramen had their lenses focussed on the startled face of Sayan Halder, who had partially immersed himself into beer! But quickly regaining his composure, he managed to blurt out A few words,before once again retreating to the cosy sofa,with a new bottle in
hand. We were made to feel like celebrities, with humongous lenses being trained onto our faces to capture the myriad of facial expressions that we each made, while giving the interviews. While one paid homage to the spirit of the 'Beerleaders' of Kolkata, another made it a point to let it be known that from now on, Kolkata would be hailed as the beer capital of India, wiping away the notion that only 'Rosogollas'& 'Maachh' meant the end of the road for us!
     However, the biggest surprise of the evening was yet to come! 
#DearKFBeerGod on his Altar
We were ecstatic when it was declared that the KF Beer God himself would be making an entry, just to meet his disciples, who had fought tooth & nail to make God come to Kolkata! we waited with bated breath as to how He would look like........finally, the  moment of divine appearance Came, and as we gaped in awe at his spectacular Beer alter, he came & posed imperiously in front of us! People bowed down before him, Some chanted prayers in his name, whilst others reached out to him to touch him.

 The party went on and on , with the beerheads letting themselves loose on the dance floor to the rocking party tracks. The revelry went on till 10pm when the crowd started to thin out! Although the mood was "subah hone naa de" (from The DJ's console), it was time to bid adieu to the place that had given us So much fun to enjoy & camaraderie to share ! The Twitterrati left, one by one, but not before vowing to keep Kolkata's flag flying high,in the beer map of the country! There were a few false steps,A few silly laughs,quite a few bamboozled eyes, but that bit could
be excused, Since everyone went home,thoroughly satisfied and in their 'spirits'! 
    Thank you Dear KF Beer God, for such A generous blessing! 

                    This write-up depicts the International Beer Day celebrations on August 2 in Kolkata, courtesy @kingfisherworld .


  1. Though I am no big beer fan, yet the night of unlimited booze must have been a lot of fun. Awesome write-up btw, captures the spirit of the beer fest perfectly. Cheers! :D

  2. Ah, you know my preferences too mate. ... It was a fun event that we enjoyed! ;)