Thursday, 15 August 2013

Freedom to me: an Overview

I specialise in fooling around, because i live in a free country, and I'm entitled to fooling around in a harmless manner, as long as it doesn't cause anyone any inconvenience, while by no means is it interfering with my sense of  #Freedom !!  

Fooling around with my 'Skull' , isn't it entirely my own rights?

"Block this delivery , mate! This bowler's dangerous!" Urges the skipper.
"To hell with blocking" , I mutter, and  'THWACK' .....and the ball screeches to the boundary ! That's how I celebrate my #Freedom !


" we have been Mohun Bagan enthusiasts all along ", says the family patriarch! "But isn't it MY right to choose whether I'd be supporting East Bengal?" , my indignation pointed specifically to the fact that I was the master of my own #Freedom, as I arm myself with a Red& Yellow flag instead of a green & maroon one, ahead of the Indian derby ! 


Be it Holi or Christmas, we as Indians have the freedom to celebrate
"Come over this evening for our Iftar party !" And off I go to tuck in some Haleem! Of course, the courtesy is reciprocated on Saraswati puja , when'prasad' is distributed by me to my Muslim friend! And both of us have helluva fun , getting embroiled in sumptuous turkey, at our Christian pal's household during Christmas! Pursuing our own faiths , yet salvaging the appeal of Amar, Akbar, and Anthony in our own rights , sprouts from our #Freedom! 

   "Sit quietly! " urged the fiancĂ©e sitting beside me on the balcony of the movie hall ," Behave yourself!you're a doctor!" , she barked! "So what?" I retort,"don't I have the #Freedom to give up on my veiled mask of composure?" and I resume shouting , "MAAR! ....aur MAAR! MUH TOD DE!", joining the ruckus of the hooting youngsters on the ground floor of the theatre, as the hero on the screen pummells 50 baddies single-handedly , in the masala movie!  I have no wish to be politically correct to curb my instincts, I let go of my emotions ! 

     "We are proud", says the American colleague,"We don't bow to anyone!" "We bow",I respond,"....and proudly touch the feet of our elders to seek their blessings too!" I go on! "We are NOT under compulsion to do it, but unlike your folks, who force weaker countries to submission, we exercise our own #Freedom in the gesture!" He stays mum!


  "Please sign in English!" , snaps the female clerk at the office, "and why should I ?" I enquire, continuing , " is there any rule? Show me in print!" She looks flabbergasted , but can't produce any document ! I sign in our national language Hindi, that's my RIGHT , from my #Freedom! She's  bound to accept it!

    "Write this drug ", orders my senior in the ward,and mentions the name of an expensive medication. " But Sir, the patient doesn't look he can afford this," I argue, and slip in the name of a much cheaper alternative!  "Do as I say!" , he commands, but I dont give in, and hold my stance , " sorry Sir, I am a Doctor too, and I have my right to do what is best for the patient !" I say, and ignore his furious demeanour to prescribe a more pocket-friendly medicine! My profession allows me the #Freedom to exercise my brain & serve my patients in the best possible way.


me savouring caandyfloss, meant for kids
I buy a lollipop from the store, peel it off, and go on my way, happily licking it to savour the essence of childhood within me! Wait, I didn't kill a citizen by this, right? so I don't give a damn to those innately naive gossip-cooking neighbours , who bash this petty activity of the 'doctor who loves Lollipops' ! It's a free country , remember ?!! And I revel in the #freedom of enjoying my lollipop !


As a responsible citizen, I vote for the progress for my country. As I
laud the government on path-breaking achievements , similarly I bash them too, on their gaffes! Since I have elected the people's representative by exercising my power of voting, I don't refrain from criticising too! I have my #freedom to express my will, and can't be silenced by force!


  .......and in many many more ways, I celebrate the virtues of #Freedom , that I enjoy in a country that is a REPUBLIC, and not ruled by a dictator,or entwined by fascism . Still, I rue the fact, that many women can't enjoy the same essence of #freedom, owing to the perils that are stacked up against them....but I believe our great country has it in her, to liberate them too in the near future!!

    Jai Hind!

I'm dead against being barred by those rules & regulations ,
which are there just for the sake of them


Written as a part of the "What does #Freedom mean to you?" contest by Epson India , as part of the 67th Independence Day celebrations on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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