Saturday, 24 August 2013


' Save my child.' I could hear a faint Scream as AR Rahman's Songs played inside my head ! I was plugged onto the iPod, but rather irritatedly, putting my earphones aside,I got up to investigate the matter and found Mom ashen-faced,running towards my room!
   "Your Brother got angry with me and he has consumed one whole bottle of medicine!", She was on the verge of tears! I was utterly flabbergasted by this info, but before I could beleive what Mom said, I decided to see for myself! 
    Pushing open the door to my brother's room,I saw him lying on the bed, Motionless! But he was peeping through the faintest space between his lids, and was trying to stop his breathing very hard!!
          I approached him, and poked him hard in the tummy and he instantly slithered away, whispering  "OuCh Dada,that hurt" .
me: "you rascal, what's the point of playing such a prank on Mom?"  
bro: "Dada,I'm only trying to intimidate Mom, as she's not letting me go out for the film with my friends this evening!"
Me: "what medicine did you take?"
Bro: "hah....chose it deliberately! That was more of a chocolate sauce to me....that's why finished it off! Was pretty tasty! See, it's lying over there! But funny thing is, I feel quite sleepy!" 

I picked up the bottle lying beside him, and it was i indeed the new Chocolate flavoured cough syrup that was brought by Dad the previous evening, and I remembered brother had taken a liking to its taste! In a bid to kill two birds with one stone , he had drained t
he bottle and had scared Mom too!!

My first WOW badge..... he he!! 

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