Friday, 10 February 2012

Oye ladies, an open letter to you from a female-addicted male fan!

Husband,boyfriend,fiancĂ© would be there forever . Don't let go OPPORTUNITIES for the sake of men. Aim Big , and let relationship COMPROMISES take the backseat when it comes to life-changing career decisions! If  your male partner is considerate enough, he'll obviously love to see you SHINE too! And if he doesn't agree, well, with  our Indian  male:female sex ratio, finding another guy won't be difficult....... But a similar SCOPE might be! 

On the other hand , don't devote yourself SOLELY to your job . It's a part of your identity, but not the whole. Go on sabbaticals , play with your kids, enjoy with "Girls-only" hangouts......the feeling of being RELAXED will do a world of good in the schedule of a working woman! 

Staying FITis of paramount importance, but unrestrained partying , drinking are not! Ladies, you're blessed with grace & charm , unlike us men. So, what's the harm in pampering yourself to remain healthy &  beautiful,both in the eyes of yourself as well as the beholder! 

Lastly, forget gossips, be amicable , but abhor being manipulated, and deal with uncouth advances in office strictly, and we hope the WORKING WOMAN will stand out in the society as a symbol of  DEDICATION & RESPONSIBILITY! 

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