Thursday, 2 February 2012

the nook of the almirah

"Ah, this looks a perfect place for hiding"....I remember telling myself, as I climbed up the shelves of our Godrej almirah, to reach the top of a stack of clothes! The massive shiny red almirah always caught my attention, as a four-year old, but since it was labelled as being strictly 'out-of-bounds' for me by my parents,I never got a chance to get up close & personal with it !
       That day, I had found out the  almirah door was unlocked! Seizing the opportunity,I swiftly climbed the shelves & perched myself on the top of the clothes and pulled the door to shut myself in! "Ha ha! no one would find me now!" was the thought that kept me pretty satisfied. The soft clothes made me feel cosy, as I lay on them. Tired by my adventure,i soon fell asleep. little did I know, that my penchant for playing hide-n-seek in an unconventional manner,would result in such a chaos!
I was awakened by the pangs of hunger and  warmth of my was stuffy inside, and dark, but I remembered where I was. I thought that perhaps,I had managed to give the slip to Mom for a long time, and now, pleased with my exploits,I would reveal my location. There was a commotion going on somewhere in the distance, which I couldn't make much sense about.
As I pushed the door open, the noise increased, and on pushing open the door completely,I was stunned..............the room was packed with our neighbours, everybody staring at me wide-eyed! My mother was sobbing, father was trying to control her, while two burly policemen sat on a chair. Following the initial shock, everyone burst into  rapturous exultation. Mom came & slapped me hard. I was utterly confused. Dad came and placed a protective arm around me!
what I found out later was that,I was missing for more than five hours, which caused grave concern in the neighbourhood. The police had been called in to aid in tracking me, and they were interrogating, when I had reappeared from the room almirah!
The incident was a life-changing event.the almirah became my most favourite furniture in the house, despite the massive gaffe I had committed! Nowadays, when I remember my exploit,I have a good laugh, and I go and pat the almirah!

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