Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Olympics Salute

we salute your unerring skills & steely nerves/
your determination to portray india's verve/
a collective dream of a billion people provide /
wishes for OLYMPICS : be our national pride !

we'll shout for you, we'll egg you on /
we are proud of you, india's daughters & sons /
fight for our nation's pride with every drop of blood & sweat /
let not your efforts & preparations go to waste!

the TRICOLORS are out again/
OLYMPIC thoughts rule our nation's brain/
it's war time in London, we aim to reign/
go INDIA go, glory is ours to claim !

the toned bodies on track & field taut with tension/ 
every Indian soul prays for your glorification/
back home , we hold our breaths in anticipation/
an OLYMPICS medal : our benediction!

a nation waits, with bated breath/
as her trusted soldiers, whose skills we faith/ 
embark on their London raid/
we hope new stars would be made!

Preparations done , mission fixed, now focus ahead /
medals beckon , but it’s a difficult path to tread/
give your best shot , don't you worry/
india unites to wish you OLYMPICS glory !

your passion speaks , a thousand words/
united souls, your war cries heard/
an OLYMPICS medal : the driving force/
in LONDON,vanquish all your foes !!

the adulation, the fame, the mad chants of your name/
It's all part of the bigger game/
Achieve  the holy grail – an OLYMPIC medal /
life after LONDON , will never be the same !

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