Sunday, 17 June 2012

D-Day B-Day

“Everyone of you have gone home?” , i demanded over the phone to one of my mates, more out of disappointment than of concern.  After all, it was my birthday , and all my friends , who had promised to assemble in our lecture theatre , after our respective hospital ward duties in our medical college , claimed that they had some  ‘personal’ problems and so, were on their way home , or had already reached home!
   As i stood and disconnected my phone, I was gutted, i felt low. How could my dear mates alienate me and leave without a prior intimation?? How did all of them need to return due to an ‘unforeseen emergency’  occurring simultaneously in ALL their homes ?? i needed an explanation for this , but nobody provided any clear statements .
   Lost in my train of thoughts, i ambled towards the college canteen. The desire to attend the lecture class was no longer present, so i aimed to brood over my solitude on this desolate birthday for me!
  Little did i know i was in for a massive shock as i entered the canteen! I was walking through the door aimlessly, with a dejected countenance, when a collective melee of sounds greeted my ears. There they were.....ALL of my friends, laughing their hearts out at me, with a wicked twinkle in their eyes! In the midst of them lay a gorgeous chocolate cake , adorned with spectacular toppings!
 It then dawned upon me that my pals had hatched this plan to give me the most memorable birthday party of my life!! As i blew off the candle and cut the cake amidst “HAPPY BIRTHDAY “ chorus  sung by them, i felt blessed , i felt proud! I was on cloud nine with delight! As the customary cake smearing occurred and our faces became distorted beyond recognition, we posed for the cameras! It was a scintillating display of camaraderie from my friends who had even worked out that i would be going for the canteen after being disgusted with their  decision to leave for home !!

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