Sunday, 20 November 2011

young doc's alter ego craves for Goa

Being a doctor has its thrills, but most of the time , it's all about a distorted human body that I'm dealing with ! Oh come on, we studied Anatomy as a subject, we sure require to see perfectly OKAY human beings from time to time , to appease our insatiable thirst for beauty ! What better way to seek solace, than at the spectacular Goa beaches , with its bevy of both 'desi' & ' firangis' lasses,demonstrating enviable physical features' ??   ;)          
 Moreover, people who actually get too 'high' end up on our hospital beds. Now, now, that's too much to deal with.  Treating an alcoholic liver is an obligation, but the clinician's alter ego  craves for some liquor too (please excuse the rant, but we're NOT devoid of earthly attractions at all)! What with Fenny available aplenty on the Goa beaches, the doctor's mind drools over the possible auspicious occasion of getting to sip on a Fenny bottle, the cashew essence exuding its effect on an overworked body, taking control of his faculties, and transporting him away from the hassles of a Night-duty roster, towards the colourful nights of Calangute!      Goa, you are a paradise for stressed out individuals, & happy to inform, I'm an ICON of this category of people; take me in your lap, to revive me! It's for the benefit of the nation that you need to care for me, coz in my being in good 'spirits'  lies the fortunes of many! So, it's your wish........!   :D                                                                                                                                                                                              

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