Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Life :My wishes

 All of us , at some points of our lives, crave a situation , where we won't have to worry about the problems plaguing our social or family lives, or about the responsibilities we have to shoulder . From the topmost officials of giant MNCs to the peon at the government offices, nobody can claim to be leading lives by their own terms and conditions , as all of them need to look after the welfare of the ones dependant on them . So, even if somebody has a set of wishes to fulfil , more often than not, they get shrouded under a cascade of commitments , that need addressing . The wishes are shoved to the back of the mind , where they turn into figments of imagination , and rarely do they resurface ! 
     But if I really manage to get a life where I am Befikar Umar Bhar , I have a bucket load of wishes to fulfil . One life is too short to savour all of these , but if I am blessed with a life without constraints, I would definitely find out time to squeeze in all of them . 

1) Spend a Winter in an Igloo at Greenland:      right from the time Geography books taught me about the 6 months cycle of day and night , above the Arctic Cycle , I've been fascinated by the lifestyle of Eskimos . To stay in a house made of ice bricks is nothing short of magical , and I would dearly want to spend my winter in the igloo , savouring the Eskimo way of life. The Aurora borealis would be my charmer , every night , and I would gaze at the colourful patterns being drawn on the giant canvas of the sky . Away from the hot tropics, the sledge will be my transport , and I would become an expert in finding fish from below frozen lakes! 

2) Horticulture:      from my very childhood, I've had a few plants in pots in my balcony , where I grew a few flower plants , but never did I have the luxury of maintaining a full fledged garden . My penchant for sowing seeds got me to sow the seeds of all fruits that I ate , in the small amount of soil in those pots, but apart from a few gram or pea plants, I had little success. If I manage to get the time , and the scope, I would devote myself to have beautiful flowers and fruit laden trees adorning my garden . It would be a spectacle for anyone visiting the garden , and I would be the master at work , growing my own vegetables in my backyard ! 

3) Run a Primary School : I've been fortunate enough to be well educated , but I would certainly like to return some of my knowledge to my young country folks, who are not quite privileged to enjoy facilities as good as I got. So I envision a school , where kids with little resources would turn up , and study happily , so that they get basic education . I would be the patron , being there to teach them , and through their eyes, I would revisit my own childhood school days . 

4) Be a Space Traveller :    the very first ambition that I ever had , was to become an astronaut some day . Hearing the tales of Neil Armstrong's exploits gave me the belief that someday , I would be able to travel to the moon too. But somehow, that dream never materialised, and I became a doctor , but my love for space never dwindled. Given a chance, I would volunteer for a ride to space , on a spaceship , and live in zero-gravity with other astronomers in the International Space Station . I would want an opportunity to perform a space walk , and float around in the nothingness around, looking down at the beautiful blue earth ! 

5) attend Every Football World Cup : the ultimate carnival that a sports fan can hope to attend is the FIFA World Cup , and it has been my eternal wish visit one of these events . If I ever get a chance, I would love to travel to every World Cup to soak in the atmosphere ! i would be  sitting with passionate fans at the stadiums, with paint smeared on my face , chanting songs cheering the teams , making friends from all over the globe ! 

Written as part of the Befikar Umar Bhar activity by  IDBI Federal Lifesurance in association with Indiblogger. you can find out more about them here.

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