Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Relocating Quikr to Bangalore

                   Relocating to a new city always gives us the headache over what to expect when staying alone , far away from the comforts of home! With a new home, comes new duties, and new responsibilities. There's the added concern about having to save enough , so the need to manage resources well is of utmost importance . Many of my friends have shifted to Bangalore for their jobs, and it is not at all a surprise, considering the economic boom in the city . But what I've heard from them is , it is really costly for anyone to stay there , and a newcomer would initially find it very difficult to manage the expenses . This led me to think whether I myself would be able to handle the pressures of managing a new base at Bangalore well enough , if the need arises . But surfing through the pages of Quikr Bangalore made it really easy for me to decide what I would want in my new home in the city , in case I had to make the move there from my current posting in Kolkata .   
        The primary concern for any newbie at a new place is to look for an accommodation . For a person like me who would be staying alone , or with a friend if possible , a 1-BHK flat on rent is good enough , but I need to be sure that the location of my residence is in a proper place , which will not make it inconvenient for me in any way. So , here comes Quikr with the solution : verified numbers make it possible for me to shortlist prospective flats ,at places according to my choice . The rates available around Rs 7500 a month are reasonable enough for me . Sitting far away from home, I'm able to fix up a place to rest , without having to haggle through numerous websites offering real estate choices. I also find, there's the option of selecting Paying Guests too ! Wow ! If a rented flat is not quite convenient for me , a list of PG choices is always there on Quikr to come to my aid! 
            I'm awful with household chores , and washing clothes is a dreaded proposition for me . Thus, a washing machine is something that I would crave to have in my flat . But splurging on a new appliance right after relocating to a new place doesn't appear to be the best option for me . Thanks to Quikr, a host of washing machine choices , under Rs 6000 , is available to me , and I am able to assure myself that at least, I'd be able to wear fresh clothes to work ! 
           Next comes the problem of food storage , and once again I go through Quikr's huge range of refrigerators on sale. Thankfully, yet again , I have the liberty to choose from verified numbers , offering 190 litres refrigerators at around Rs 5000 ! At this price , that's a steal ! 
   The last item that I need is a transport option to make a quick getaway to the outskirts of the city on weekends, or to move around the city on my own to know the surroundings ! Going for a four wheeler would be too costly at the moment , so I opt for a motorbike , and once again I look through Quikr Bangalore's pages. Thankfully , there are bikes at around Rs 45,000  and I'm able to breathe easy ! This will be the best mode of transport for riding around the city!

 Thus , after a thorough raid through Quikr Bangalore , and selecting items of my choice,I'm happy........ I realise , that even in a city as costly as Bangalore, Quikr would help me not go broke with my investments  ! 

Written as part of the It's just Quikr in Bangalore activity by Quikr Banglaore in association with Indiblogger. you can find out more about them here.

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