Friday, 14 March 2014

Cashback: the new Bargaining coupons !!

        Not long ago, winning a bargain in the markets of Kolkata , especially near the Esplanade area meant , quoting a price, that ranged approximately 40-45% of what the hawker had claimed for a goodie that you yearned for, and managing to nail it at your price,with a permissible margin of +5% to your 'final price'!! There was no concept of a cashback, and whatever we managed to save via our aggressive tug-of-war with the vendor, was perceived as a lot of money earned!! That a shopkeeper would actually give you back some amount as credit , as a goodwill, that you could expend at some other shop , was a stuff of fairy tales !
                       Cut to circa 2013-14, and now , probably the kiddies in the kindergartens can explain what a cashback is. Thanks to the flourishing of online stores , offering you deals and coupons , to order your preferred items, you are now inundated with choices! Sifting through hoardes of such promotional emails , and advertisements on the web can be tedious, and the average consumer might find it difficult to get a grip on the scheme of things, but there's no denying the fact that every netizen, has a longing somewhere in his mind, to buy online. The cashback adds to the perks on offer, and sure intrigues the customer, as to how he can accumulate a fair amount of credits, by indulging in 'sin' , ie, shopping action that would have actually drawn criticism from parents, but now, acts as an overwhelming impetus to buy some more, so that a fraction of his hard earned cash, makes its way back to him , even if in virtual currency !! 

Ah, the pleasures of the good life that today's citizens can afford!! 

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