Sunday, 10 November 2013

Selection !!

He had been left out, yet again, from the squad. 
Performances hadn't rewarded him with a place in the team.
He was shattered. The team was supposed to leave for the series in Australia in a few hours, after their grueling training camp, that was being held in his City only and he was in his room, not talking much, silently cursing his misfortune. 
It was time to start packing , and return to his hometown and prepare once again for the domestic tournaments, but he didn't feel like doing it! He didn't wish to return home at all!
His vision blurred......."no, no, control yourself", he tried to reason with himself," you're becoming too emotional" !
"Maybe, a shower is all I need",  he thought and went to the bathroom.
When he came out, he was a little unmindful, but his eyes suddenly caught hold of his glowing phone screen.  He remembered he had put it on silent, and then forgotten about it.
Picking up the phone, he was stunned:   38 missed calls in 10 minutes!  he wondered what was going on.
He proceeded to check out the numbers, and saw most of them were unknown.  Another call came right in, this time from his Dad, and he received it eagerly,  to be greeted by , "Son,Congratulations on your maiden call up!"
His brain went into a tizzy, was he dreaming?
"Hello, hello,son... are you there ?"
"Yes, Dad.... please explain! i don't understand"!
"My goodness, you don't know it yet??", his Dad sounded incredulous, " It's all over the TV, they are showing it in news was just announced 10 minutes back! One of our fast bowlers just got injured in a freak incident, and has a ligament injury, so the selectors have got together & picked you! Pack your things, come on, be quick now!! You are supposed to leave in a few hours' time! Where have you been?? they must have called you to inform you , by this time??"...his Dad was going on, speaking breathlessly!

He was stunned!
But there was no time to get carried away!!
 He rushed to pack in his things,....but this time,he had a broad smile across his face !!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. This line- "38 missed calls in 10 minutes!  he wondered what was going on" , was the prompt for this week


  1. What happens happens for good! Nice and optimistic ending :)

  2. How life can change in a matter of minutes...amazing. .nice post. All the best for the wow :)

    1. Yeah Preethi, life does indeed change rapidly! :)

  3. Speedy recovery for the injured bowler but now he got a golden opportunity to showcase his talent. very nice.Congrats on WOW badge.

    1. thanks Kalpana... put in my WOW badge :p