Wednesday, 6 November 2013

10 tips for a Safer Kolkata....

"Kolkata tops the chart amongst India's safest cities....yet again"
Am I dreaming? Yes, actually , that's a headline, conjured in my brain, for a newspaper , some day in circa 2020! But for that to occur, a lot of existing loopholes in the city's security planning needs to be overhauled! It's not something extraordinarily difficult to craft, but the problem lies in implementation ....since the roots of evils have grown too old to be sheared off in a jiffy! Crimes have become more sophisticated, with technology aiding the criminals like never before.

Now , for people who are vulnerable in these difficult times, here's what i feel are the options to stay safer, because , at the end of the day, there's only your presence of mind that can save you, from a potential threat:

1. pepper spray: this one is a tried and tested weapon, and has a pretty high efficacy, if applied accurately. keeping one such spray handy is a useful solution!
2. karate: another rather useful approach is to engage in direct combat! it doesn't pay to become a lazybones, so try and learn some self-defence! a few karate steps can actually be life saving when faced with a one/two-to-one situation!
3. having a small Swiss-knife in the handbag can be reassuring for yourself. While jackknifes might get caught in the x-ray machines of metro rails , there's less chance that a Swiss knife would be confiscated. And if used with the right kind of precision, it can inflict some serious damage!
4. avoid travelling alone at late hours, and preferably, have a male companion who can be trustworthy. If office hours compel you, do insist on carpools, and make sure that you are not the last person to be dropped off!
5. when returning at late hours,opt for illuminated roads rather than shortcuts to save time. This can indeed be safer, as you are in less chance of being ambushed in the dark.
6. if caught in some nasty situation, i'd rather suggest , rather than panicking, try to buy some time, by offering negotiations
7. save your energy for the right time, and keep your senses alert! it might help to attract attention of policemen at just the right moment! And every criminal does tend to take his guard down at some moment or another. wait, precisely for that moment, and try to strike at places , where it matters the most!
8. always have your phone in hand, with the keypad not locked , while walking alone, so that you don't have to fiddle with the lock code, when you really need to fire that call. Having Smart Suraksha installed in the phone , is truly of great importance.
9. Never try to hitch a ride back home, with an unknown person. who wants to embrace danger willingly??
10. Finally, you might hate Geography to the core, but i would suggest that you have an in-depth knowledge of the landmarks and streets in your city, so that you are not completely at a loss, in case of some trouble that is taking you elsewhere!

all said and done, there's still this deciding factor called LUCK , that decides whether you can manage to combat! But a person who is by habit a pessimist, will give up long before she is defeated, while those with a confident attitude, and courageous nature can attempt to mould some luck their way, by rising to the occasion , and being street smart!

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