Sunday, 20 October 2013

Goal.....or ??

"No,the ball went past the post,it isn't a goal", he said.
The little striker shook his head, and trudged back.
The defenders cheered in unison.

He was watching his son play,so he was sitting behind the makeshift goalpost, which were made with cricket stumps.
The ball had definitely gone through the posts, but in the melee, all the players were not convinced.
They were arguing, and very innocently, they had asked for his views as he had seen it all, and being an elderly person, his statement was of importance.

He had lied,just because his son was in the defending team.
He smiled wryly,that the children didn't know he had vouched for his son.Ignorance indeed is bliss, he thought to himself.

But the kid striker's distraught face came back to him.
He was of the same age as his son.
Nepotism on his behalf had robbed a small child of his genuine delight.
He cursed himself.
He started feeling miserable.
Telling the kids that he had lied wasn't a solution at all.

He regretted his impulsive decision to lie.

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This time you have to weave a post including, ‘Ignorance indeed is bliss, he/she thought to himself/herself.’