Tuesday, 22 October 2013

French Toast in 10 minutes....from a non-cooking guy

What do yo do when you are super hungry at 00:00 hours, and have no one to bring you some tasty food that you are craving for?? you wont sleep hungry, would you?? here's a little recipe, that's a trademark of yours truly! i have no shame in admitting that i rank amongst the worst cooks in the history of the country, but this thing tastes heavenly, no matter how shoddily i prepare it. go on, glance through it !! Even if it might mean nothing to accomplished cooks, there's a fair chance, that the novice may get interested! and to top it all, you don't need to slog it out in the kitchen, a mere 10 minutes would have it ready!!

There you go!! convinced, that even no-brainers in the field of cooking would find this one worthy of a try?? Go ahead, try it yourself too!! and do let me know how it tastes!! Cheers!!

My Doodle recipe is a part of Easy Doodle Recipe contest at BlogAdda.com in association with TastyKhana.com

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