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gourmet's trip through kolkata set-2

Sanjha Chulha

The roadside eatery is quite a prominent landmark when one travels along the e m bypass . It's a convenient place to eat out, while returning from some place.the parking place is an advantage.the pricing of the food is quite reasonable too. The chicken chap on offer is sumptuous truly. It was the first of it's kind in the barren stretch of road between ruby hospital and science city ,and although several other eateries have now come up, sanjha chulha has managed to retain its charm !


This is north Kolkata's legacy, with Malancha's cutlet fanning the appetite of many a food loving Bengali author. Me as a south Kolkata guy, was curious to taste the famed kobiraji, and I was not disappointed at all. It was huge, with the plate just managing to contain all of it! If you are the calorie conscious one, then you must as well skip this item, because it is loaded with oil. But those with a guilt free pass to indulge can safely tuck in to the deep fried egg covering of the fish interior! One is more than enough to fill you!

Hong Kong

A great feasting experience here at Hong Kong express. This was a suggestion from a college friend who had been smitten by the bug to dine here again after being overwhelmed by his experience the first time. And truly speaking, i'm glad that I listened to him because the Chinese delicacies were pleasing to say the least. My Cantonese chow was both tasty as well as voluminous, and I needed real effort to finish the generous amount on offer. If the pricing is ok with someone, go ahead to this triangular park location and enjoy!


It's expensive, get this straight first! But the single time experience of dining here brought me to know of murgh ka salan , a fab dish. The prawn item on offer was quite well prepared too, as was the biriyani and kebabs. But since cost of food is quite high, one can think twice before spending here. It was slow going for us as the service was a bit slack. A 3 star rating from me.

Banzara has had its share of loyalists , and it is privileged to host us foodies time and again , in it s dimly lit interiors ! The biriyani is a delight , the amount and consistency always bringing a smile to our face. The Chinese dishes too pack a punch , and the gravy noodles sure is a tasty treat . Besides , Banzara always plays a soft music , which is personally a plus point for me. All in all, I'd suggest people to dig up this place , near the 8b bus stand , if you already haven't done ! 

This is a rather odd addition to the list of elite food stations in Kolkata , but ask all people around Jadavpur university, and denzong is being spoken of with utmost fondness. A momo hub for us , which brings forth the glory of Sikkim in every steamed or fried piece they serve! The soup is also quite an experience , with a sprinkling of green leaves adding to the delights! Add to these , the part fried part steamed Phalet , something , I've come across only in denzong , and you have got a mixed bag of delicacies to try out. Only complaint is , they charge extra for the soup , which was not the case a year ago. But anyways , it deserves a 4 star!

Golden gate
Golden gate is the elite restaurant of our college area , it's arguably the best luxury dining experience one can expect to enjoy in and around Jadavpur. With a plush interior complementing an equally grand exterior , it's eye catchy to say the least . And dare I say I love all their soups ....oh boy , I'm a huge fan of the baby corn soup . The cuisines are delightful to the palate , and don't come across as too spicy . The appearance of each of the dishes make you go weak in the knees. And one line about the ambience in here..... FANTASTIC! So, happy dining , provided you are prepared to shell out a few bucks , for a hitherto unknown restaurant !

Barista gariahat
When my professor invited us over to gariahat to find a place to sit and chat about a short film script , that I was making for an intercollegiate competition , little did I know what ideas he had . The chocolate creamy drinks with pastries just flew off our plates here at barista , once we got what was ordered . We hadn't ever thought that he would indeed take us to sit at such a grand place . In any case , we discussed our plots over a second cup of coffee , entirely at his expense , I must say!! It was a fine experience , with us enjoying every moment spent at the lovely ambience of barista. Oh.....a short footnote .....the ideas that we exchanged over the barista coffee and chocolate , fetched us the second prize, in the competition , later on! 

Golden spoon
Park street never Fails to surprise. This little known location is actually very cost effective , but often gets overshadowed by the more illustrious counterparts . Taste the chowmein and chilly chicken here , and if you are one who is perpetually short of cash it love to eat  , I'd bet you would keep coming back to here. Another of their delicacies is available from their roll counter-the chicken kathi roll. The inside is just loaded with great pieces of meat! Fabulous!

Golden joy
 A bit of a mess , considering the location , which is inside the Chinatown , a long way into topsia. Amidst the tannery odour , you come across this place , get inside , and immediately get transported to the far east! The ambience is fully Chinese , with the scripts hanging on the walls , and plenty of Chinese folks dining . The food is a marvel , with Hunan chicken and Hakka noodles ruling our minds . My friend went for vodka , and said , he loved the experience! Nice!

 Another location headache , deep inside topsia. Actually, Chinatown rakes your brains to get you to your desired locations , and then gives you fabulous food to appease your appetite. It's the same case with Beijing , where generous helpings of food that is quite classy to taste. The special drinks called screw driver got my friend so obsessed , that he kept asking for more . The prawn chillies were a marvel , and so were the bowls of steaming thukpa ! Definitely decent enough for a family outing. As the ambience is nice!

Girish Chandra dey and nakur
 North Kolkata is famed for its sweets . I have a sweet tooth , and I simply love moving around north Kolkata , trying out new delicacies. I've been to nakur several times in the past, and though I'm extremely fond of their sweets , I somehow don't find the justification for the pricing and the hype surrounding it. The shop looks less of a sweet shop , and more of a bank vault , with loads of iron grilles , as if to protect the shop from potential sweet dacoits ! They could have easily looked after the customer satisfaction part , as they take ages in giving a certain customer the right amount of attention!

Anadi cabin
Legend has , that even Ravindranath Tagore had been engrossed by the delightful double duck egg moghlai of Anadi's , at the heart of esplanade. What's more , the place used to be a happy hunting ground for my grandparents , both before and after their marriage. I've heard stories about the legacy of the duck egg moghlai , from grandma , who always gushed about it. So, I went there with loads of expectations , only to be filled with sadness , over the lack of proper maintenance . The plates are dirty , the interior has a dishevelled look. The moghlai manages to hold its forte till now , but  if the aesthetics are not taken care of , I'm afraid the place will lose its attraction pretty soon.


When my friend said that theirs is a biriyani , that takes pride in being light, I didn't understand anything . It took me one look at the preparation to realise what he meant by it- the biriyani was completely non-oily . But the strangest part was that it still retained its classic taste . Now this is an awesome combo , when you can gorge on biriyanis , without the horrors of getting too much fat inside ! The chicken chap too deserves mention. All in all, a nice place!

Bhojohori manna
I'm not one who believed in eating Bengali food outside , that too after paying a hefty sum . But my stance got broken after I tasted the delightful cuisines on offer at bhojohori manna. Who would have thought that a simple thing called dal , would keep me drooling over it? Add to it , specialities like the bhetki fry, prawn in green coconut , chitol machh , and chicken dakbungalow. I've realised that I'd committed grave mistake in denying the calls of the place uphill now , and I look forward to going back soon!

Kc das
 The landmark of esplanade is a landmark sweet joint for me. Whenever I go to esplanade , if I happen to walk towards dharmatala street, I make it a point to cross the road , just to enter kc das , and gorge on their fluffy white rosogollas. The purity of the chhana makes me close my eyes , and savour the sugary treat . Often , I go and have just a single rosogolla , because I might not have an empty stomach at that time , but the love of the place keeps me going! Go on folks, never try to adulterate your signature stuff! It's heavenly

Gupta brothers
Ever heard of Noodle samosas? No? Let me tell you , this china meets India food item is an innovation of the Gupta brothers . I was shocked to the core when I bit off the samosa corner to get the inner noodle strips coming out . Nowadays , many other stalls are starting this innovation , but it was this elite place called Gupta brothers , from where I first tasted it! The kachodis too are quite tasty . It's a vegetarian paradise !

 This place housed my first date , so I'm always a little emotional about it. The window seats overlooking park street , where we sat and dined out for the first time , continue to be by favourites. Whenever we walk past trincas now , we look at the place where we sat. although the window has now been covered , I still can't stop reminiscing . The staff here are extremely cordial and the food is of excellent quality too. There isn't much to complain about regarding  the pricing , considering the location and the quality obtained . I'd suggest you to visit in the evening , because the live band plays here , which make sthe ambience even more better.

 One of the finest window seats of Kolkata , is available, with scoop , and they are a blessed ice cream parlour owing to this single criterion! When you sit with a loved one , having ice cream sundae , and looking out at the river Ganga , flowing below the imposing second Hooghly bridge , you can't help , but marvel , at the beauty of the entire scenario. The tables are a bit dirty here on the first floor , but you tend to forgive that , as the scene keeps you engrossed . I've been lucky to be here in the morning, at times , when the crowd was less , and the atmosphere was more quiet. The window seats are in demand , so you really need to be early if you want to have the best seats!

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