Wednesday, 14 November 2012

gourmet's trip through Kolkata set-3

Calcutta Bistro

The paradise of all our cravings , Calcutta bistro has been the budget man's only source of worldly pleasures from food , if I dare to speak on behalf of all around Jadavpur ! Hid in a tiny alley aside sukanta setu, I dare say that we are rather privileged to have it near our college! Hunan chicken and Hakka noodles continue to be my favourites every time I visit the place , but varied reports have confirmed that their chilli chicken is fab too. I'd give 4 1/2 stars to it. Maybe I'd give it 5 next time ,if they can improve their Indian cuisines a bit!


This is a rather odd addition to the list of elite food stations in Kolkata , but ask all people around Jadavpur university, and denzong is being spoken of with utmost fondness. A momo hub for us , which brings forth the glory of Sikkim in every steamed or fried piece they serve! The soup is also quite an experience , with a sprinkling of green leaves adding to the delights! Add to these , the part fried part steamed Phalet , something , I've come across only in denzong , and you have got a mixed bag of delicacies to try out. Only complaint is , they charge extra for the soup , which was not the case a year ago. But anyways , it deserves a 4 star!


Banzara has had its share of loyalists , and it is privileged to host us foodies time and again , in it s dimly lit interiors ! The biriyani is a delight , the amount and consistency always bringing a smile to our face. The Chinese dishes too pack a punch , and the gravy noodles sure is a tasty treat . Besides , Banzara always plays a soft music , which is personally a plus point for me. All in all, I'd suggest people to dig up this place , near the 8b bus stand , if you already haven't done ! 

Golden Gate

Golden gate is the elite restaurant of our college area , it's arguably the best luxury dining experience one can expect to enjoy in and around Jadavpur. With a plush interior complementing an equally grand exterior , it's eye catchy to say the least . And dare I say I love all their soups ....oh boy , I'm a huge fan of the baby corn soup . The cuisines are delightful to the palate , and don't come across as too spicy . The appearance of each of the dishes make you go weak in the knees. And one line about the ambience in here..... FANTASTIC! So, happy dining , provided you are prepared to shell out a few bucks , for a hitherto unknown restaurant !


I have a huge grudge against these guys that stops me from giving 6 out of 5 to them , that is , the exorbitant price hike in all their glasses . They are one of the heritage sites of Kolkata , according to me. Anyone who has tasted their cocoa malai will never disagree with me . And if I add a much more modest companion in the famed Dub Sherbat , no one can deny them a 5 out of 5 stars rating . Their policy of caring for your well being , whether you have enjoyed a glass or not , touches your heart too , and soon after leaving , your mind craves to return as soon as possible. Paramount is nearly 90years old , I'd wish it goes on and on , serving glassful of delights to all around college square for many years to come.

Baskin Robbins

When uncle told me that a treat at a foreign ice cream shop would soon become a reality for me , the kid in me didn't realise that he was talking about Baskin Robbins ice cream parlour . I was still a young kid , who was amazed by the sundae ice cream shown on tv . I had the opinion that all those good looking icecreams were meant only for the tv audience , and could never be replicated in reality . However , the misconception was cleared in a delightful manner , when uncle gave me a licence to choose anything of my choice at the shop. I was full to the brim by the time I had indulged in all of my favourite flavours , in the best possible  ombinations . Immense thanks to uncle and Baskin Robbins , for flagging my icecream fantasies!

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