Monday, 16 December 2013

Tablet-nama : Tabletting A Better Way!

Me & my Tablet , engrossed in each other's company , oblivious to the world around us!

Make a note of the fact that I'm an obsessive compulsive user of the tablet! 

Or rather ......tablets!

Oh....I'm a doctor.

Confused?? Please don't be. Either way , you're right!
Both electronically, and therapeutically, I am in close association of tablets!

My everyday life with my Tablet:

"Whenever, wherever, we're meant to be together,
I'll be there & you'll be near,
And that's the deal my dear!"  had crooned Shakira!

She might as well have been referring to my relationship with my tablet!

It's large, it's podgy, the RAM is often dodgy ,
But I never ever cease to sing my tablet's eulogy! 

An occasional glimpse from the person sitting across, a few envious glances cast sideways from the person sitting beside, even a few blatant stares down on the screen , making you a little tab has been the subject of public scrutiny on numerous occasions! Although I won't say I am desperate to shower the limelight on it, I would be lying if I say that the silent smirk, or a gloating feeling doesn't knock on the mind , when others look at it longingly!! Come on, snazzy gadgets are meant to be eye-catchy & are eligible for show off, aren't they? Otherwise, you could have walked around with crude circuitry , that score zero on the beauty front! 
          A quick check of the new medicine brand names, a read-up on the latest tablet ensures I dont lag behind at any time! There's no need for me to squint and struggle to read the fonts....the ample screen size takes care of it!  Better still, during resting hours in the doctors' duty room in my hospital, there's this urge to relax by seeing a few music videos, and the giant 7" screen is there to ensure I dont miss the television at all! If there's a live cricket match going on, some of the other junior doctors too join in for a collective match viewing experience,  if live streaming in is available! The patients & their parties too look at me , with added respect, as the large gadget is hard to miss, once you turn up with it , in the hospital wards !!

True it is not 2010 anymore, when the first tablet PCs took us by storm, but , in India, a good-looking tablet in your hand can sure turn a few heads !!

The mirror selfie with my Tab

 Coming to another use, even the Pope was seen clicking a selfie, and so did US president, with a few other heads of states, at a recent event! Who said guys cant pose for selfies? I sure do, and make it a point to use the large screen of my tablet to good effect, while clicking group selfies,  where we dont have to crane our heads too much to fit in the screen!! 

Selfies or Normal photos, my Tab can do all 
 Noting down a few lines that come to the mind, clicking photos around and posting them online, or being on social media ...nothing is difficult, with my tab in tow!
One hand is already preoccupied with my tab ,
while i hold an a platter on the other

But all good things do have a flipside, and the large size makes it almost imperative that I have to carry it on my hands all the time! When I long for a Momo or an ice-cream from a roadside stall, the question of where to place the tab, comes up quite often. 

I've managed to circumnavigate this apparent problem as well. 

I look left, I look right...quickly unbutton one of the lower buttons of my shirt, slip the tab in, and enjoy the momo poker-faced. Job done, I take  it out coolly once more.  The few incredulous onlookers around me can always be wished to have a good day!!

           my own way to get my hands-free, despite keeping the tab safe

A Better Way with the Yoga Tablets: 
With the scintillating new Yoga tablet opening up a world of possibilities with its innovative styling, here's how it can be used better:

The grip at the side makes it all the more attractive can be grabbed firmly but comfortably. 

The Yoga tablet stands on its own....can there be any bettter way than this??

you can read at will on your tab, on train or car'll stay easily gripped!

Plonk it down on your table , and enjoy a movie on it!

The Ideal Tablet:

An ideal tab should be like a newspaper: spread it out, enjoy the large view, read all around, then fold it , and place it in your pocket !

Thus, the tablet must be flexible, so that you can bend it like you want, while reading !
 It should be foldable , so that after using, it can fit into the pockets with ease! 
 The tablet should have the finger print authorisation feature, so that unless a finger print is recognised by the device, the touchscreen won't work! 
The tablet can have a sensor, that works by sensing the pulse rate , that will alert the person, if the heart rate goes below 50 . Usually, these episodes can lead to complete heart block & subsequent blackouts . A tablet can warn in this regard, and be a great life-saver!

so that's my 'Tablet-nama' .... chronicling my experiences with a Tablet in my everyday life,the possible uses of the Yoga tablet and how i would like an ideal tablet to be !!

Summing up my relationship with my tab by a few lines from Westlife: 
We got a little world of our own,
i'll tell you things that no one else knows!!

so, certainly,what would i do without you,tab??

Written as part of the Better Way contest , organised by Lenovo India , in asociation with Indiblogger. You can find out about their new Yoga tablets from their Facebook page.

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