Thursday, 20 August 2015

Within My Sky Room

My room is the only place in the whole world that I can claim to belong solely to me ........inside its four walls is my kingdom , where I'm the supreme sovereign ! Every monarch aspires to portray his land in glorious lights, and so , it's natural for me to have aspirations to make my room akin to a dream land ! 'Heterogeneity' - that's how I would like to describe the state my mind is in, most of the time. And my room being the outwardly extension of the inner mind , would certainly bear the signs that would reflect heterogeneity in its appearance .

                 I'm a doctor by profession , and so, medicine would always be my soulmate. However ,I'm equally adept at handling the scalpel , and wielding telescopes and star charts , because my muse has always been the SKY - the vast expanse of nothingness that spreads like a giant umbrella above us ! It has never failed to intrigue me. As a child, I would sit fascinated under the night sky, staring at the stars, thinking how they were winking at me from high up. The constellations caught my imagination , and the planets moving across the zodiac belt charmed me. On visits to the countryside, I would lie under the open sky, to look up in awe at the illuminated streak across the sky,and wondered if somebody had actually drawn the Milky Way with a lazy stroke of the paint brush across a navy blue canvas. I slept under the sky , comfortably, and felt, the canopy of stars cared for me. The vastness of the sky caught my imagination. The vivid blue sky on a bright and sunny morning mesmerised my eyes. The ever changing colour palettes at dawn and dusk made me fall in love with the sky daily. 

                   It has been my childhood wish to dress up my own corner in my house in shades of the sky. Nothing can simulate the greatness that lies above us, but I have had dreams that my room would be themed on the sky . There would be a crescent of a moon , in some corner ,while the magnificent sprinkling of stars - the Milky Way can make its presence felt. A comet might adorn a part of the wall while a couple of shooting stars , frozen in time , would make the ceiling decor beautiful. 

                  The walls can have a myriad of sky blue shades , to act as the perfect foil to the night sky , that might be the ceiling . A false ceiling , concealing a pleasant blue light would make the appearance really stunning , when the light would reflect off the stars , comet or meteor designed and placed strategically . The room would fulfil my cravings for the beautiful sky, much of which is lost in today's city life due to incessant pollution . In my themed room, when I go to sleep every night, my mind will be at ease , feeling that ,the stars still look down upon me lovingly , just like they did , when I slept out on the roof in the countryside , in my childhood! 

                  I've been ever thankful , to be a part of this humongous universe , and my mind never loses trail of the fact , that we are nothing , compared to this vast space . Sitting in my room after a hard day at work would enable me to wash off any bitterness that I might have , as I would be able to attain salvation under the de-facto sky, in whom , I can confide my feelings. 

                 A place that would know my every secret deserves to be draped in the colours that soothe my mind . I believe, my sky themed room would become the hub, where I thrive peacefully for years to come! 

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