Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Breakfast At Guptaji's

                    Who knew good old cornflakes could come in over a hundred different delicacies , and not simply the milk-sugar-cornflake concoction that had been a staple food for me for years ? Indeed , when mom felt the need to prepare a lightning fast breakfast for me, she always fell back on her Man Friday: Kellogg's cornflakes. Even though Mom brought in innovations in them a few times,which tasted quite nice, there never was a scope to imagine that a hundred different dishes could be made from that single item: Cornflakes! Thankfully, I came to know about Guptaji's  and his family's incredible variety of breakfasts that they have come up with . Within the wide world of Facebook and YouTube , his family has now become the emblem of innovation , fixing up gorgeous looking dishes with Kellogg's cornflakes being the main theme ! It doesn't come as a surprise , that I'm now looking forward to visiting them soon , since my eyes have already taken in enough goodies , and my taste buds are inching to savour the delicacies that Guptaji's  wife can offer me! 
             Guptaji's  family  are not only terrific in the kitchen , they do have great skills with words too , as the names " Nakhre walk Nashta" , " First Crush wala Nashta" , "Jagah banana wala Nashta" , " Movie wala Nashta " suggest !! One look at the ingredients and the procedures to make the dish , and you know that this is not something out of the toughest cookbooks. I personally feel that I'm an abysmal cook, with no knowledge of how to mix food items and make a palatable dish for myself . But Guptaji's wife has made me confident that I too can learn these dishes, owing to their simplicity . Once I visit Guptaji's house for breakfast , I'd not only sit and wait for the beautiful dishes to make their way out to me from her kitchen . I would request Guptaji for permission to visit his kitchen , and pick up the tricks of the trade myself . 
                 I'm eagerly looking forward to the " Homework wala Nashta" as I've recently promised myself to start eating cabbage , but was still not sure how I would be able to do it without shutting my eyes and gulping the green veggie down. Now that Guptaji's family has put up the wonderful Photo of the Homework wala Nashta on Facebook , I want to taste it directly from the plate of the Master-chef Mrs Guptaji ! 
       Another item that I want to taste is the " Best Family wala Nashta" , which is loaded with apples. Since it is one of the easiest to make, I'm planning to check it out at Guptaji's home , and then replicate it at my place , where I would volunteer to prepare my family's breakfast for the first time , and give my parents a surprise! 
          Thus , much depends on my visit to Guptaji's place for breakfast , and I'm looking to make it soon enough  . Since many other people have already asked Guptaji for a treat at his place keeping Guptaji's wife busy , I doubt when I shall be able to make it ! 

Written as part of the Nashta With Guptaji's Family campaign by Kellogg's India . Check out the delightful cornflake breakfast dishes on offer on their Facebook page here, and the visuals on preparing them on their Youtube page here

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