Wednesday, 15 August 2012

born free

 It's a difficult world where the statement "I was born free, but everywhere , I'm in chains!" holds true. Every citizen sees the light of this world, with a right of living peacefully. Yet, within a matter of years, he's chained, whether by the nuances of studies, or as he progresses in the years, by his boss's ordeals, or by family/social duties. He is taught the hard truth about the world, that he's bound to be shrouded by protocols, formalities , bindings, agreements , and Terms-&-conditions. So , a child fails to realise that he was privileged in being born on this earth, as he is pressurised into the rat-race prevailing everywhere!  

         Hence, to me , being 'born free' would mean, to grow up with a smile, enjoying everyday on this world, without a deal to worry  about or a deadline to meet! It would be my sole right, to breathe in fresh air every morning , to meet &greet all the birds that pay me a visit on my balcony. I would enjoy an afternoon siesta on my hammock, without getting bad dreams about a disgruntled boss. I would embark on journeys around the globe, without the hazards of passports & visas. I would share camaraderie with all the residents of every nationality in this world as we would be united by the bond of universal brother/sisterhood. Terrorism, fascism, civil wars, famines, apartheid and other like wise terms would be obliterated from the dictionary. 
  It's a free world, we can strive to do just that little extra bit for each other, which will enable us to create a situation where everybody greets a stranger with a smile and not with a suspicious look. Only then can we ensure that every individual in this world would have the title of being "BORN FREE" !

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