Thursday, 27 February 2014

Three things that inspire me about Sachin

  Talking about Sachin, I could fill up almost a diary with all the emotions that I have felt over the years . But pinpointing it down to three things would require some commitment , but here goes:

1) Sachin's placing of the tricolor on his helmet . I remember that he was nearly adamant that he be allowed to flaunt it on his headgear , when a restriction of sorts was imposed on players about using the national flag on their personal apparel. It tells me how a successful individual placed the nation above everything else, and taught us to be proud Indians.

2) Sachin coming out to plead to the Eden crowd to stop being unruly when he was wrongfully run out by Shoaib Akhter at Eden Gardens , who had pushed him. A riot was bound to happen at the Eden at that infamous 1998 test , when the event happened in front of 90,000 spectators , but Sachin took it upon himself to go round the stadium , with folded hands, asking all to calm down . It was only the gesture from the great man , that had ensured that the match could be resumed. It was a high profile match of the Asian test championship , and he could have simply refused to oblige. But the gracious gesture revealed a side of Sachin , that he was always willing to work for a greater good.

3) Sachin's parting shot of taking the blessings from the pitch , after he was done with thanking everybody from a small note post retirement . It was a small thing, a fleeting glimpse , but Sachin proved that he always had the highest regard for the platform on which he performed for years. It was a complete contrast to the act of urinating on the Oval pitch by the English, after winning the prestigious Ashes, and portrayed the stark contrast in mindset which Sachin had with other champions. It teaches us to be respectful of our jobs at all times.

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  1. Really well written! U actually brought in 3 gr8 memories abt #Sachin which r truly inspirational n bear signature of d champ! Congrats for your well deserved win!

    1. thanks Amrita !!!! racked the brain to pinpoint those three !! :p would have loved the autographed bat .....but that's the way it goes !! :)

  2. Wow! Titas :) Really well-written. Great Points.
    Shows your love for Sachin & cricket. Congrats for winning!
    You wrote so much & so well in 15 minutes! :)

    1. i guess your presence drove me to burn my fingers while writing !! But the coveted bat still did not find its way to my hands :p