Sunday, 5 January 2014

#Back2School : reliving the South Point High School days

It's been roughly 7 years since we left South Point High School , but Pointers all over the world are never short on enthusiasm , whenever anything related to the school comes up! So when the Back2School programme was announced by the South Point Ex-Students' Association (ASPEXS) , as part of the School's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations , Facebook was full of plans , of friends , who'd get to walk the corridors, classrooms ( & toilets) , together , after a long, long time!! 

4th January 2013 indeed turned out to be special, as we went back in time to relive our days as Happy Pointers once more, clicking photographs, talking to teachers, checking out the labs and libraries, and jiving to the songs belted out by ex-Pointers. Here's how we waltzed through our Alma Mater on a lovely Saturday afternoon!!

The official invitation card that was made , and posted on Facebook by #ASPEXS .
  Pointers had arrived en-masse : the ground was Choc-a-Bloc with ex Pointers!! 

 Physics lab: The wheels that remained the same ever after!!
#59 : My Seat of experiments in the Chemistry lab !! Standing there, suddenly remembered the episode , when i choked and nearly fainted on a test tube, while trying to look closely into it as to why it wasn't giving out Ammonia !! :P

             This is 'Chemistry' : The school sweethearts dish out a picture-perfect pose in the  Chemistry!

The old habit of looking up at Notices on the notice board still stays !!
We managed to fit in as many batchmates as we could, in this pic on the staircase.......
 "Those who know the answer, raise your hands...." , and Debayan raised his hand emphatically!! Only....... back then , people used to sit behind the desks, and not ON them!!

When we were students, we often ended up having these expressions in the Biology lab, not because they were snakes, but because of the huge number of their physical features that we had to mug up! Attempting the same expressions yet again!! 
our school magazine ASCENT : down the years! A memorable collection....felt good to sift through the pages of the past editions, and comparing with the present ones!!

We have never been lacking in the trophy cabinet , and this one is just the tip of the iceberg. Pointers bring in new trophies almost every month,so the total collection is monstrous!!

Soma Aunty ....the one woman who made our Class VIII E Afternoon (2002-03) a brilliant brigade....who taught us effortless use of the English language, 

ensured that English periods were never-ever dull with her real-life anecdotes,
spelt all the difficult words on the board in her exquisite handwriting....!!
....she's still the same: witty & elegant, but oh ....missed her trademark hairband!

the group selfie: without which , reunions are not quite complete!

Love in small packets : the notes were tiny, but reflected lots and lots of fondness for the Alma Mater!

As the performers on stage started churning out one foot-tapping number after another, Upamanyu, Debayan, Indranil (not in pic)  started their killer moves !! Not wanting to be left behind, Aritra attempted a few steps too!!
The ex-Pointer sang a number of evergreen Bengali songs...his medleys made the crowd go mad...........

..............................and there was no shortage of appreciation too !!

What we have for South Point is hard to express in a book, let alone on a single page...but Aritra trying to sum up his feelings in a few words!!

 the rush to pose beneath the school logo: managed to do it despite the huge rush there!!

We are Pointers ready to grow ...We are the Pointers with COURAGE TO KNOW!!!!


  1. Chorom chhilo post ta! :) Soma Aunty'r lessons weren't in vain... very well-written indeed, Titas. ;) The pictures said even more - i could almost relive the moments spent together with you guys in the hallowed corridors. Just wish I could have been there as well on this wonderful occasion. Our alma mater will always be very close to our heart as much as the wonderful friendships forged there. Cheers to our courage to know! :)

    1. Thank you a lot mate! I know you are one of the best successes of Soma Aunty's teaching as well..... Only thing is you are less expressive than I am, otherwise , we could have been amazed at your writing skills!! :)

  2. Pictures say it all! :)

  3. its really great! after so many years.. so many of you..

    1. Yes was such a great feeling to relive all those school memories once again...our story, beautifully portrayed here by Titas ... good work boss:)

    2. Thank you Joe! :) a school reunion brings back fond memories indeed!

  4. Beautiful summary of a memorable evening. Proved yet again, you are one of Soma Aunty's best students! Till next time, my friend...

  5. Lovely post titas bhai...fatie diecho kakaaa !!

  6. lovely Titas...the pics brought back so many memories

    1. Yes Ishita ... You people missed out! :/

  7. Tremendous!!!!!!!! Specially the photo of Ascents of previous much I miss those "ASCENTS"

    1. Sidhu , would have been so much more fun if you people were around!

  8. It brings tears of joy. It makes us feel like going back to those days. It was so much fun, so full of enjoyment and love. Its a pity that we cant go back to those days, but then maybe its for our own good.

  9. Really wonderfully written.. and for those of u who missed wud really say...we missed u was amazing to b back walking those corridors..sitting in those clsrooms..nd meeting teachers we hv admired ovr d years..b it how we broke into a laugh at d first sight of Kumar sir..or how we tlkd history agn wd shipra aunty..or how neelam aunty still remains so cheerful..or how joydeep sir s still d same..enjoyed every bit...nd at d same time missed those who missed out.. how we wished we all could b back there together one more time..